How to make tartlets with cheese

How to make tartlets with cheese

Tartlets are the small small baskets used for registration of meat, fish, vegetable snack, etc. Tartlets are not just a dish, and the real refined decoration of any table. A variety of grades of cheese in combination with other products can be issued perfectly by means of tartlets.

Dough for tartlets can be made independently from a top-grade flour. Also forms for tartlets can be got in shop to facilitate to itself preparation process.

Tartlets with cheese and tomatoes

The following ingredients will be necessary for you (for 8 people): - 200 g of cheese;

- egg — 1 piece; - 100 g of margarine;

- flour — 1 article; - grapes — 1 cluster; - 50 ml of mayonnaise; - lettuce leaves.

Rub a hard cheese and margarine and mix with a vitellus. Then add flour to this mix. Well mix and knead dough. It has to be elastic and dense. Place dough for tartlets in the fridge for 20-25 minutes. Roll refrigerated dough by means of a rolling pin, cut on pieces of such form of which it is possible to make tartlets. Make tartlets in the form of small baskets, straighten their edges. Then send tartlets to be baked in an oven at a temperature of 200 wasps within 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile prepare a stuffing: rub cheese, cut lettuce leaves. In forms of tartlets lay out a stuffing: cheese, salad, grapes without stones and mayonnaise. Cheese tartlets are ready and they can be given to a table.

Tartlets with chicken and cheese

It is required to you: - 50 g of a hard cheese; - 70 g of marinated mushrooms; - 250 g of chicken fillet; - eggs — 3 pieces; - tomato — 1 piece; - salt, pepper (to taste); - mayonnaise; - tartlets. Prepare a stuffing for tartlets. Boil chicken fillet, and then cut with small pieces. Wash tomatoes and cut in cubes. Grate a hard cheese on a small grater. Hard-boil eggs, then cool, clean and small cut. Mix chicken fillet, tomatoes, cheese, marinated mushrooms and eggs and dress with mayonnaise, then add salt and pepper to taste. According to this recipe of tartlet it is possible to get in shop. In tartlets it is necessary accurately lay out a stuffing and to bake in an oven before fusion of cheese.

Tartlets with caviar, shrimps and cheese

It is required to you: - 250 g of Philadelphia cheese; - Cheddar cheese - ¼ articles; - red caviar; - 300 g of shrimps; - 3 tablespoons of milk; - garlic-1 clove; - ½ tsp of a dried thyme; - salt (to taste); - tartlets. Grate Philadelphia and Chedder cheeses on a small grater and mix a cheese curd with milk. At this time boil shrimps in the added some salt water, then wash out. Garlic glove clean and crush by means of the garlic press. Mix all ingredients for a stuffing: a cheese curd, shrimps, garlic, caviar, salt to taste and a thyme. Send a stuffing to the fridge for 1-2 hours. Spread out the cooled stuffing in tartlets, send to in advance warmed oven and bake at a temperature of 200 wasps about 7-8 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

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