How to make tasty cottage cheese cake in the bread machine

How to make tasty cottage cheese cake in the bread machine

If you are a fan of tasty pastries, then this recipe can't be disregarded. The most tasty cottage cheese cake with candied fruits and raisin won't leave indifferent any of family members.

For the first time the word "cake" appeared in Ancient Rome, however the first pastries were cooked from the processed barley. Berries, nuts and even sunflower seeds were added to a product. Cake was considered as a royal dessert, and ordinary people weren't able to afford this delicacy. Today cakes are widespread around the world, and their preparation won't take a lot of time.

To make tasty delicacy for tea, it isn't necessary to be troubled strongly. Tasty and fragrant cake will be ready already in a couple of hours.

Ingredients for cake

For preparation of a tasty dessert it isn't obligatory to look for unknown ingredients at all and to spend for it huge money. To make cottage cheese cake with candied fruits and raisin, it will be necessary for you:

  • fat cottage cheese, is better if it is house (200 grams);
  • 1 packing of a desi;
  • 200 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 5 kg of wheat flour;
  • 3 eggs;
  • salt to taste;
  • 5 teaspoons of baking powder;
  • raisin of 50 g;
  • candied fruits of 50 g;
  • vanillin;
  • icing sugar (for ornament).

It should be noted that the recipe of cake in the bread machine will differ a little from standard recipes. However it will help to sjekonomit time, having made all a minimum of efforts.

Main stages of preparation of cottage cheese cake

We will consider step by step process of preparation of cottage cheese cake.

1. For a start we take a desi and gradually we kindle it either in the microwave, or on slow fire. It is extremely important that oil didn't manage to begin to boil, in it the small cunning of tasty pastries consists.

2. The kindled oil is cooled up to the comfortable temperature of 40-50 degrees.

3. We pour out oil in the bread machine and in parallel we add cottage cheese there. It isn't necessary to lay down all portion of cottage cheese at once in the bread machine as it will begin to komkovatsya.

4. In a separate plate we shake up three eggs to magnificent foam. For these purposes it is better to use the blender.

5. It is gradually flowed a frothed eggs to mix of a butter and cottage cheese.

6. Previously we sift flour through a sieve.

7. We pour out flour in the bread machine. In parallel add vanillin, granulated sugar and salt.

Special instructions

  • Proportions for the test can differ. First of all it is necessary to make a start from cottage cheese fat content.
  • After all ingredients are to the bread machine, it is necessary to be defined when it is necessary to add raisin and candied fruits to dough. Everything depends on device model. In newer models there is a special batcher which in process of readiness adds ingredients to dough. If your model is simpler, it is necessary to include any mode which begins with a test batch.
  • Usually in any bread machine there is a mode on the name "Cake". It begins with mixing of the test. After that the product is baked within 2 hours. In different models time of cooking can differ.

8. Before filling up raisin and candied fruits, it is necessary to wash out them and to dry up. After that add a tablespoon of flour to mix of dried fruits and mix. It becomes in order that ingredients were evenly distributed on all cake.

9. We include the Cake mode and we bake. We check readiness of pastries by means of a toothpick.

10. Cottage cheese cake from the bread machine is taken accurately out and we strew with icing sugar.

11. Cottage cheese cake with candied fruits and raisin is ready.

Light and tasty cake can be baked even without addition of dried fruits, using the classical recipe. Besides icing sugar it is possible to use original forms of ornament, such as chocolate fondant or mastic. Such ornament will make your product not only unique, but also will give to cake more attractive look.

Nutrition value of a finished product, amendment to the recipe

  • Caloric content of a finished product is 350 kcal on 100 grams. Protein content is 9.14 grams, fats - 11.72 grams, carbohydrates - 58 grams.
  • Such recipe can be used also for preparation of cake in an oven. Some hostesses instead of baking powder add soda which is extinguished by vinegar.
  • Instead of a desi it is possible to use margarine, however proportions will be a little others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team