How to make tasty sauce from a cornel for the winter

How to make tasty sauce from a cornel for the winter

From the cornel rich with valuable amino acids and vitamin C, cook tasty jam and jelly, jams and juice. Berries can be dried and used as additives in dishes. One more interesting idea – to make for the winter tasty sauce which will become fine addition for steaks, the baked meat or fried sausages. There are also sweet options which will perfectly add home-made pastries.

Cornel sauce: features and advantages

Cornel – a bush with large dark red berries. In a wild-growing look meets in the Caucasus and Kuban, in other regions the bush is grown up in gardens. The plant is thermophilic, but selectors removed the hybrids suitable for a midland and colder areas. Gardeners like original forms with berries of amber, bright orange and even cream-white color. However the ordinary ruby-red cornel differing bright, a sourish astringent flavor and a recognizable fine aroma is more widespread in cookery.

Berries are appreciated excellent gustatory qualities, besides they are very useful to health. The cornel is vitamin-rich also natural antioxidants, it helps to burn fat surplus, stimulates digestion, improves a condition of skin, has baktertsidny and bile-excreting properties.

The sauce from a cornel cooked in due form is very effectively watched in photos and video, it is often used for illustrations and restaurant menus and specialized editions. The product has densely - red color and a pasty consistency. Sauce can be used right after cooking, but usually it is done for the future, rolling up in banks and placing in the cool place. Tasty mix can be used for a podgarnirovka, it is added to soups and vegetable stews of a plant louse of giving of peculiar sourish and fruit notes. Cornel sauce and for home-made shashlik marinade is useful, it does meat gentle, juicy, tasty.

The classical recipe of cornel sauce for the winter

Simple and available option of useful sauce to meat. Proportions of seasonings can be changed to taste. Instead of fresh cilantro will approach dried, but then the final product will be less fragrant.


  • 1 kg of ripe berries of a cornel;
  • garlic head;
  • 1 tsps of a sprinkling pepper of Chile;
  • 1 tsps of salt;
  • 1 tsps of a ground coriander;
  • 1 tsps of quality olive oil;
  • 1 tsps of khmeli suneli;
  • bunch is fresher than some cilantro (or 1.5 tsps dried).

Touch a cornel, having rejected the copies wrinkled, damaged or touched by decay. Wash out berries, dry them, having scattered on a towel. Pour out a cornel in the ware with a thick bottom enameled, pig-iron or copper. Put capacity on a plate and warm up on average fire, stirring slowly with contents with a wooden scapula. When berries give juice, to begin to disturb more intensively, slightly kneading a cornel a scapula. Approximately in 10 minutes the mass will become homogeneous. Boil it 2-3 more minutes and remove from fire.

Grind pan contents through a sieve. Puree with a small amount of liquid will turn out. The remained skins and stones can be used for cooking of home-made fruit drink. Shift puree back in a pan.

Wash out, dry cilantro, to chop and pour small into berry weight. There to add the crushed garlic, khmeli suneli, the sprinkling hot pepper, the coriander fried in a dry frying pan and pounded in a mortar. Pour in olive oil, add some salt to puree. If weight turns out too dense, to add a little filtered water. Cook sauce on slow fire of 10 minutes, constantly stirring slowly with a scapula. Correctly prepared product moderately dense, on consistence reminding jam.

Sterilize and dry banks. It is better to use small tanks, after opening the product long isn't stored. Fill in hot sauce, roll up banks covers and cool a baking plate a blanket. Store ready canned food in the cool place. If ordinary banks with screw covers were used, it is better to put sauce in the lower cold storage bay.

Sweet sauce: step-by-step preparation

The unusual decision – original cornel sauce for ice cream, souffle, cakes and other desserts. The recipe is popular in Turkish cuisine, gravy not only impacts to dishes a pleasant slightly acid flavor, but also decorates them. From the specified quantity of products 1 kg of ready delicacy will turn out.


  • 3 kg of a ripe cornel;
  • 2 kg of sugar;
  • 2 glasses of the filtered water;
  • 25 tsps of citric acid.

Touch, wash out a cornel in several waters, cast away on a colander. Pour berries into a thick-walled pan or a basin, to put on slow fire and to cook 15-20 minutes until berries start up juice and will become soft. Grind hot weight through a sieve by means of a wooden pestle and a spoon.

Return puree to a pan, pour sugar, cook on very slow fire of 7 minutes, stirring slowly and not allowing boiling. Remove the rising foam a spoon. At the end of cooking to add citric acid. It will serve as safe preservative and will keep beautiful ruby-red color of sauce. If desired it is possible to add other tasty ingredients to mix: vanilla bean, fresh or dried mint, melissa. Interesting flavoring notes will be brought by a fragrant dark honey.

Pour hot sauce on the sterilized and dry-through banks, filling them on "coat hanger". Twirl tanks covers, turn on a towel, wrap up with a thick terry towel. Slow cooling will keep beautiful color of a product and will make taste even more saturated. If long storage isn't planned, it is possible to close tanks clean plastic or metal screw covers. It is better to store such canned food in the fridge and to use within 2 months.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team