How to make tasty sweet pie

How to make tasty sweet pie

To gather behind a table d'hote, it is optional to arrange a big feast. It is possible to manage also a family tea drinking with tasty sweet pie. Mannik - the fastest in preparation and a simple biscuit which will approach such case.

The recipe of pie idle time also doesn't demand special efforts in preparation. On a batch of the test and pastries no more than an hour will leave. To knead dough for Mannik pie, it is necessary to take the following products: - 1 glass of kefir (any fat content) or curdled milk; - 1 or 2 crude eggs;

- half of a teaspoon of baking soda; - half of a teaspoon of a table vinegar;

- 1 glass of granulated sugar; - vanillin or 1 bag of vanilla sugar; - 1 glass of semolina (with the hill); - 1 glass of wheat flour of the premium; - 2 tablespoons of the desi (kindled) can be replaced with creamy margarine.

For those who love nut cakes it is possible to add a handful of shredded walnuts or peanut to dough. Or to add 50 grams of confectionery poppy.

Preparation of sweet Mannik pie

Crude eggs need to be pounded properly with a glass of granulated sugar. Those who doesn't love sweet can reduce amount of sugar to a half of a glass. In this case it is obligatory to use two eggs for a batch. Add baking soda, previously having extinguished it vinegar. On a tip of a knife to add vanillin or one bag of vanilla sugar. It is good to bring down all ingredients a nimbus. Pour in a glass of kefir or curdled milk in mix. Mix once again. To pour semolina and flour to other components of the test. Knead a mobile dough for sweet pie. The consistence of the test has to be as very dense sour cream. Prepare a deep baking dish (it is better with a detachable side). On a bottom of a form to lay out an oil paper. To grease edges of a form with a desi. To accurately pour dough. Warm an oven up to the temperature of 180 wasps. Place in it a form with the test. Bake pie about forty five minutes. Take out ready pie from a form. Allow it to cool down and cover a little with glaze.

The cooled-down pie can be cut on two layers by means of dense thread and to miss the mark with jam or jam.

Preparation of glaze for filling of pie

It will be required to you: - 2 – 3 tablespoons of a raw milk; - 1 teaspoon of a desi; - half-glass of granulated sugar.

Fans of chocolate can add to composition of glaze two spoons of cocoa and cinnamon for aroma.

To place milk and oil in small metal capacity and to put on slow fire. Warm mix, mix and enter into it granulated sugar. At continuous stirring to bring the mass of glaze to full sugar remelting. Ready syrup to pour over pie. Also sweet pie can be decorated with shredded nuts or candied fruits. Also Mannik strewed with coconut flakes or a caramel crumb will be tasty. Those who don't love glaze can powder pie from above with icing sugar.

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