How to make tea in milk

How to make tea in milk

Tea on milk has very unusual taste, but such drink should be tasted. It is considered that milk neutralizes the tannin which is contained in tea. Such drink helps to normalize work of a liver, improves a condition of skin. It is possible to add any milk: cow, goat, mare's and even camel. You will make a black or green tea - it is also business of your taste.

It is required to you

  • tea;
    • milk;
    • oil;
    • flour;
    • sugar;
    • rum;
    • ice;


1. If you want to make tea in Mongolian, you need 1-3 tablespoons (or 50 g) tea, liter of cold water, half of liter of milk, 50 g of the flour overroasted with oil, a spoon of melted butter. Pound tea in powder, fill in with cold water. After boiling add milk, oil, flour and nutmeg. Again bring to the boil. Traditionally for preparation of this drink use nonfermented brick tea. It is also possible to replace it with Gunpowder grade tea (other name - "pearl tea").

2. For the Kalmyk tea warm water a little, add tea. You need about 50 g of the black brick or tablet (pressed) tea. Bring to the boil. Add 2 liters of milk, salt to taste. You boil 10 minutes, constantly stirring slowly. Filter tea, wring out tea leaves in drink. Give in drinking bowls.

3. Dutches prefer tea with milk as the refreshing drink. To prepare it, take 3 teaspoons of long leaf black tea. Holland usually uses Orange Pekoe grade. This grade has no relation to oranges, literally means "the tea delivered to the yard of prince Oransky". Fill in tea with halfliter of the boiling milk and insist 5 minutes. Filter, add sugar to taste. When mix cools down, add rum, ice and give with a straw for cocktails.

4. In Swedish cook tea with milk so: Milk boil 0.75 liters, fill in with it a teaspoon of black tea. Maintain until it completely isn't dissolved. Drink cold. In Sweden most often they have grade tea Soder famous also as "winter tea". It is mix of black leaf teas to which cinnamon, an orange dried peel, almonds pieces, pieces of ginger, a tack, cardamom, oils are added. Such tea perfectly warms. But, as in the recipe the full dissolution of tea is required, use a grade Pu-erh in the form of tea pitch (tea extract).

5. For preparation of the English tea warm up a teapot. It is the best of all to pour a little boiled water in capacity and to close a cover. Leave for 2 minutes, and then drain water. Fill up a black Indian or Ceylon tea by the number of mugs plus one more teaspoon. Most often British use a grade Assam ("Breakfast") which is perfectly combined with milk. You shouldn't choose tea grades with a bergamot. Fill in tea with a small amount of water and insist within 5 minutes. Add boiled water, insist 5 more minutes. In the warmed cups pour well warmed up, but not boiled milk approximately on one fourth mugs. Add tea.

6. It is also possible to prepare молокочай. Warm up milk liter to 70 degrees (but don't boil it!). Pour 2-3 tablespoons of tea. Insist 20 minutes, filter. For preparation molokochy it is possible to use both a black, and green tea and also their mix. Sweeten with honey. For molokochy use of fruit teas and also tea with mint is allowed.

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