How to make the beef stewed in kvass

How to make the beef stewed in kvass

The beef stewed in grain kvass is an ancient dish of Russian cuisine. In the course of preparation, meat absorbs aroma of root crops, and kvass softens beef and impacts it a peculiar taste.

It is required to you

  • 500 g of pulp of beef;
    • 3 large bulbs;
    • 2 carrots;
    • 2-3 glasses of grain kvass;
    • 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce (at will);
    • salt and black pepper to taste.
    • For red sauce:
    • 2 average carrots;
    • 2 average bulbs;
    • small root of parsley;
    • 5 glasses of sunflower oil;
    • 1 tablespoon of wheat flour;
    • 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce;
    • 300 g of broth;
    • 3-4 peas of a black pepper.


1. Peel beef from films and tendons and slice large across fibers. Beat off meat, salt and pepper.

2. Warm a deep frying pan or a stewpan, pour sunflower oil there. Fry beef slices on both sides before formation of a ruddy crust and remove a frying pan from fire.

3. Clean and wash onions, carrots and roots of a celery. Small cut onions, grate carrots. Put them in a frying pan on pieces of beef and pour in kvass. If desired add tomato paste or sauce.

4. Close a stewpan a cover and you stew beef on slow fire until ready (within an hour). In the course of suppression add kvass as required. At the end of preparation try a dish and if necessary add salt and pepper.

5. Lay out ready beef on a dish. Cool the broth which remained after suppression a little and pound a pestle or wipe it through a sieve in order that the consistence was homogeneous. Boil sauce once again and water with it beef slices.

6. If desired make red sauce for a dish. Peel vegetables and roots. Small cut them bars and fry within ten minutes on vegetable oil. Add to them tomato puree and take a frying pan on fire ten more minutes.

7. Fry in other frying pan flour without oil till light brown color. Cool it and part in a small amount of the warm broth which remained after stewing of meat, carefully mix and add other broth.

8. Bring sauce to the boil, boil three minutes on weak fire. Add the vegetables fried with tomato paste and allspice and you cook ten more minutes, stirring slowly from time to time.

9. Water with ready red sauce slices of a braised beef, strew them with small cut greens and give to a table. As a garnish it is possible to make potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables.

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