How to make the Bulgarian yogurt

How to make the Bulgarian yogurt

Buy ferment in pharmacy and make the real Bulgarian yogurt on the offered technology. If there is no opportunity to buy a dried culture, then make a lactic product of a store basis.

It is required to you

  • - yogurt ferment;
  • - milk.


1. The Bulgarian yogurt is very useful. It helps to enhance immunity, promotes the best digestion of vitamins, amino acids, eliminates an intestines imbalance, interferes with growth of pathogenic bacteria.

2. houseconditionsIt is possible to make yogurt in in several ways. One of the most faithful – with addition of special ferment. It is on sale in pharmacies. There will be enough contents of a small glass bubble for preparation of several liters of the Bulgarian yogurt.

3. The second obligatory ingredient is milk. When choosing this product stop the attention on that which it is possible to store not for months, and several days. Buy the pasteurized or ultra heat-treated milk.

4. Make ferment. For this purpose boil 200 grams of milk and cool up to 45 OS. Open a bottle with ferment, pour in it in a teaspoon of warm milk. Close a stopper, intensively several times stir up contents.

5. Pour out bottle contents in the warmed-up milk, mix a spoon. If you have a yogurt maker, then place drink in it. If it is absent, then pour the dissolved ferment in a thermos and densely cover it with a cover.

6. In the warm place in 8-10 hours it will be ready. On liter of milk only the ferment tablespoon is necessary. You store other in the fridge. It needs to be used within two weeks. If you don't need so much yogurt, then part not all bottle, and, for example, a quarter of a bottle. Then pour not in milk in a bubble, and a part of its contents in warm liquid.

7. Boil milk liter, put to be cooled to 40-45os. Add a tablespoon of the made ferment, mix. To Skvashivayta milk in a thermos, the yogurt maker or in a glass jar, having delivered it in heat.

8. In 6 hours the natural house Bulgarian yoghourt is ready. It is stored in the fridge long enough – up to seven days. As required put quantity necessary to you in a glass, add some berry and you regale. Add yogurt to salads instead of sour cream and mayonnaise as it less калориен.

9. If there is no opportunity to buy yogurt ferment in pharmacy, then use the simplified preparation option. Buy a box of a natural yoghourt without fragrances, sugar. Boil milk liter. Cool up to 40 OS, put yogurt, stir. Further cook fermented milk product, as well as in the previous case – in the yogurt maker or a thermos within 6-9 hours. Than longer it costs in heat, especially dense and sourish it will turn out.

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