How to make the champignons stuffed with cheese, nuts and croutons

How to make the champignons stuffed with cheese, nuts and croutons

Stuffed mushrooms according to this recipe differ in original taste and structure. For production of snack it is possible to use also other mushrooms, but champignons with deep hats are preferable. Nuts will also approach any, however the special savor to taste is added by walnut.

It is required to you

  • - champignons fresh — 250 g;
  • - the walnuts peeled (or others) — 100 g;
  • - a desi — 25 g;
  • - cheese — 50 g;
  • - crackers — 650 g;
  • - salt — to taste.


1. Champignons are recommended to be chosen as fresh, the large or average size with deep hats. It is necessary to prepare mushrooms for a farshirovaniye. For this purpose it is required to separate legs from hats.

2. Legs need to be crushed, placed small in a frying pan, to cover and heat on small fire until they become soft.

3. Rub cheese on a small grater. Crackers should be crushed or bought ready ground. It is possible to use as a store product with various tastes, and independent preparation.

4. To connect the cut legs of champignons to a grated cheese, to salt to taste. From crackers to separate 2/3 part and to add to cheese and mushroom mix. Carefully to mix structure.

5. Place the prepared weight in hats of champignons. Kindle a desi, place it and stuffed mushrooms in a form.

6. The peeled walnuts should be crushed. From above to strew champignons with the rest of ground crackers and nuts. Place stuffed mushrooms in an oven and bake until ready (about 20 minutes), proceeding from features of a plate. The dish can be served to a table hot or slightly cooled down.

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