How to make the drinks glowing in the dark

How to make the drinks glowing in the dark

Tonic in the dark glows in blue color. Energy drinks with group B vitamins — bright yellow, caramel and honey have a light golden-yellow luminescence, and clear carbonated drinks, for example, of Sprite, 7Up, Mountain Dew reflect light and slightly poblekskivat. If to mix them with other ingredients, magic and attractive cocktails for a party will turn out.

The frozen mummy


- 2 big balls of vanilla ice cream; - 0.5 glasses of milk;

- caramel; - coconut flakes; - chocolate crumb. This cocktail in the dark will be glows golden-yellow light. Very effectively and tasty. Pour a little liquid caramel on a saucer so that diameter of the turned-out "puddle" was approximately equal to diameter of a glass. In other plate fill coconut flakes. Lower edge of a glass at first in caramel, and then in shaving. The nice ornament reminding snow will turn out.

Put ice cream in the blender, add milk and shake up. Carefully pour cocktail in a glass, trying that drink didn't get on ornament and strew it with a chocolate crumb. If you cook drink for the adult company, then it is possible to add to it a little vodka. Instead of caramel it is possible to use honey or syrup, and to replace coconut flakes with a simple or refiner syrup.

Sparkling Bu

Mix any juice with tonic and receive the drink glowing in the dark. All charm is that how on it light will get, drink will look differently. In complete darkness, it will be shines blue, at hit of a small amount of light, can be purple or violet. Ingredients: - tonic; - cranberry juice (it can be replaced with grape or pomegranate or other red juice); - gin, vodka or rum. Fill a glass with juice on 1/3. Add tonic and a little alcohol. Consider that the more tonic in drink, the more it will shine. Experiment with taste, trying to obtain the most pleasant ratio of ingredients of this cocktail.

Green Scorpion

Energy drinks as a part of which there is a vitamin B will shine bright yellow. There is a way to turn them into bright green. For this purpose it is necessary to add to drink of a little blue food color. Ingredients: - energy drink with group B vitamins (for example, Red Bull, Monster, etc.); - blue food color; - rum, whisky or vodka. Pour energy drink in a glass. Add alcohol and several drops of blue food color. Mix and observe how its color from bright yellow to bright green changes.

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