How to make the Greek salad

How to make the Greek salad

The Greek salad is a magic dish which loads with energy and cheerfulness and also increases mood and immunity.

It is required to you

  • - Olives (Green or black) (7-12 pieces)
  • - Olive oil Extra Virgin
  • - Feta cheese for the Greek salad (50-70 гр.)
  • - Sweet paprika (1 piece)
  • - Onions red (half)
  • - Tomato (1 piece)
  • - Cucumber (half)
  • - Fresh greens (bunch)
  • - Salt, pepper
  • - Oregano


1. Cut: Pepper - thin strips, Tomato - thin segments, the Cucumber - cubes, Luk - rings, Fresh greens - small to chop. Cheese - cubes

2. Mixing: Put all cut vegetables in a bowl, Add olives, salt, pepper, an oregano to taste, to Water with olive oil and it is good to mix, Then to add cheese and to mix accurately 1-2 times

3. From above to put a little parsley and it is possible to give on a table

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team