How to make the menu at a strict diet

How to make the menu at a strict diet

The strict diet can be registered by the doctor at some diseases or is chosen as the person for fast weight loss. At the same time it is necessary to adhere to strict nutritional standards, not to violate the specified rules and to eat strictly on hours. It is necessary to make the menu for such diet in advance.


1. Depending on orientation of a diet find the list of products which are allowed you. It is also desirable to have recommendations about the number of their use. Be guided by these data for planning of a diet. Eat more high-calorie and heavy products in morning or day time, light leave for the evening. Try to make the menu so that there was no feeling of hunger between meals, it was comfortable, but it isn't harmful.

2. All medical diets recommend to eat 4-5 times a day. It is important that all meals were in one and too time. Depending on the schedule choose optimum reception hours of food. The first has to be no later than in 2 hours after you woke up. The last in 3-4 hours prior to withdrawal for sleeping. Distribute the rest of the time so that through equal amount of time to approach a table.

3. The optimum menu consists of different dishes. Even if the list of products is limited, they can all the same be prepared differently. Exclude the options connected with frying on oil, you extinguish better or you cook products. For example, chicken breast can be made on a grill, it is possible to extinguish with vegetables, it is possible to weld, having made broth, and also to add it to salad to a fresh vegetables. Experiment with recipes, but try to use as little as possible salt and spices. The more options will be, the better as there is one and too bothers. People throw the repeating diet much more often than various.

4. Expand amount of grain in food. If earlier on sale there were only a rice, buckwheat and millet, then now there are also new surprising porridges. For example, булгур, spelled, a kinoa are suitable for dietary food. They are vitamin-rich, contain few calories, and to taste are very pleasant. It is possible to make tasty pilaf, a surprising garnish of them, and all this won't be injurious to health.

5. Add vegetables and fruit to a diet. Most useful those things are considered that grew in your region in the current season. Their nutritional value is much higher, than brought. But if there are no such, buy what is in shops. The diet of the dietary menu usually more than for 50% consists of plant products.

6. The menu has to be convenient for the person. Make the list of food in advance, and don't forget to look at the schedule of work. Meals which fall on time outdoors have to be not difficult, it is easy to be located in a container, not to proceed. Often the diet comes to an end because the person can't hold it because of external circumstances. Let this having a snack consist of cut vegetables, fruit or useful sandwiches. And here leave soups on house meals.

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