How to make the squash baked with cheese

How to make the squash baked with cheese

Fresh and low-calorie squash very much are suitable for preparation of lungs of summer casseroles. To make a dish more nourishing, season squash with cheese - it will report to gentle vegetables additional flavoring nuance and will create a ruddy appetizing crust on a casserole surface.

It is required to you

  • Casserole from squash:
    • 8 young squash of different color;
    • 100 g of mozzarella;
    • 4 tomatoes;
    • 8 tablespoons of olive oil;
    • 2 garlic gloves;
    • salt;
    • ground black pepper;
    • greens of parsley and basil.
    • The baked squash with vegetables:
    • 2 young squash;
    • 1 young eggplant;
    • 2 garlic gloves;
    • 3 tomatoes;
    • dry greens of an oregano;
    • vegetable oil for frying;
    • 100 g of strong cheese;
    • salt;
    • ground black pepper.


1. For preparation choose strong young squash with a thin skin. Buy light, dark green and yellow vegetables they don't differ in taste, but laid in one form, will look very beautifully.

2. Wash up and dry squash. Cut them thin circles and fry in previously warmed grill about 4 minutes. If you have no grill, vegetables can be put in the microwave oven or to fry in a frying pan with couple of spoons of the warmed vegetable oil. Don't add too much fat - squash will very quickly absorb it.

3. Scald strong fleshy tomatoes boiled water and remove from them a skin. Cut vegetables circles, remove seeds. Chop mozzarella thin plasticity, crush greens of a basil and parsley.

4. Spread squash in a fire-resistant form equal ranks so that one plasticity I found on another in the form of scales. Alternate colors - so the dish will look more elegant. Between circles of squash evenly spread out plasticity of tomatoes and mozzarella. Strew a surface of casserole with chopped greens.

5. Crush a knife blade 2 garlic gloves and mix them with olive oil. Add salt and a fresh ground black pepper. Water with this sauce squash. Put a form in the oven which is previously warmed up to 180 wasps and bake 15-20 minutes until vegetables become soft, and cheese won't blush. Give squash with fresh white loaf as a light main course or a nourishing garnish for meat.

6. It is simple to bake also the young squash stuffed with vegetables. Cut them lengthways, choose pulp as a knife and chop it cubes. Also cut the tomatoes exempted from a peel and seeds and young eggplants. Crush garlic. Lay out vegetables in a frying pan with the warmed vegetable oil and fry them 5-7 minutes. Add some salt and strew with ground black pepper and dry greens of an oregano.

7. Inwrap halves of squash in a foil and bake in the warmed oven of 7-10 minutes. Get a baking tray, lay out in court shoes from squash a vegetable mix. Densely strew a dish with polished strong cheese and return it to an oven for 10 minutes. In a couple of minutes until ready include a grill that cheese blushed.

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