How to make the structured water

How to make the structured water

The structured water is the water having crystal structure. Such water, unlike usual, is ideal means of cleaning of an organism of toxins, slags and other garbage. Using this product note decrease in number of inflammatory processes, improvement of work of a GIT and a set of other positive changes. The structured water it is easy to prepare houses.

It is required to you

  • - plastic container with a cover;
  • - water;
  • - water filter;
  • - fridge.


1. Pour water from under a water tap, miss it via any ordinary filter. So large fractions – rust, sand and other pollution are removed.

2. Pour purified water in a container from food plastic. Surely close capacity a cover.

3. Place a container in the fridge freezer for 8-10 hours – depending on water volume. It is necessary to calculate volume in good time – having increased the number of family members by 1.5 (a day the person has to drink 1.5 liters of melt water). Besides, won't prevent to make several experiments to find out optimum time for freezing of water. At truly chosen period of time you have to receive an ice block which core will remain liquid.

4. After the container is taken from the freezer, drench its bottom with abrupt boiled water and take a piece of ice. Its core as it was already told, has to remain liquid.

5. Pierce a crust of ice and pour out not frozen liquid containing harmful impurities. If water managed to be chilled through – the core of a block will be hazy, yellowish. Your task is to kindle these dregs under a hot water jet so that on the purest ice there is no its trace left even.

6. After that leave an ice piece to thaw at the room temperature. It isn't obligatory to wait for the end of process – it is possible to drink the water which is gradually formed during ice melting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team