How to make the stuffed tomatoes on-syroyedcheski

How to make the stuffed tomatoes on-syroyedcheski

It is known that most of all vitamins contain in vegetables and fruit in the fresh, raw look. It is simple eat salad boringly, but, except salad, from raw vegetables it is possible to prepare also other dishes, tasty, nourishing, various. For example, the tomatoes stuffed with peanut.

It is required to you

  • - tomato - 2 pieces
  • - peanut - 100 g
  • - water - 50 - 70 ml
  • - garlic - 1 teeth
  • - salt - to taste
  • - vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon.
  • - parsley - several branches


1. First of all it is necessary to prepare a stuffing. For this purpose wash out the crude not fried peeled peanut and fill in with cold water. Leave on 1 - 2 hour. If to pass this step, then peanut won't be crushed to a condition of paste, there will be large pieces. If this moment doesn't confuse, then it is possible not to presoak peanut. Drain water. The brown plenochka can be not removed.

2. Put the prepared peanut, the peeled garlic, the crushed parsley in a bowl of the blender or a tall glass, pour in water and oil. Vegetable oil can be not added as peanut very fat product in itself. You can add oil at will, it is not an obligatory component. Wipe with the blender to a condition of dense paste which not necessarily has to be homogeneous. Salt to taste.

3. When the stuffing is ready, it is possible to be engaged in tomatoes. Ripe round sweet fruits with a thin skin, fleshy will be suitable for preparation of the stuffed tomatoes. Carefully wash up tomatoes and cut on two parts across a fruit. Accurately take out seeds by means of a teaspoon. Fill halves of tomatoes with a stuffing and lay out on a dish. It is possible to serve the stuffed tomatoes at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team