How to make thin pancakes

How to make thin pancakes

Traditional Russian pancakes – the excellent decision for a tasty breakfast. They can be given with honey, jam, sour cream and various sauces. In order that pancakes turned out thin and gentle, it is necessary to bake them according to special recipes.

Pancakes on milk

This way of preparation of thin pancakes is considered the most widespread.

It is required to you:

- milk – 0.5 liters; - boiled water – 1 glass; - premium wheat flour; - sugar – 1 tablespoon; - soda – ½ h a spoon; - egg – 1 piece; - salt – to taste; - vegetable oil.

Pour out milk in a deep bowl or a cup. It is better to take milk for pancakes to average fat content. Dilute it with warm boiled water in a proportion 2:1. If milk will be not enough, pancakes will difficult be removed from a surface of a frying pan and won't turn out thin.

Add sugar, soda, a salt pinch to the turned-out weight. The amount of sugar needs to be counted, proceeding from with what pancakes will be served. If they are with meat stuffing, there will be enough one spoon of sugar. For sweet pancakes it is possible to add more sugar. Mix mix. Add egg to the turned-out dairy weight and begin to add flour. In process of addition of flour mix dough. If lumps are formed, break them. Add flour until dough doesn't become such consistence as liquid sour cream. Well mix dough until it becomes homogeneous. Pour in several tablespoons of vegetable oil. Dough is ready. You can start baking of pancakes. That pancakes didn't stick to a frying pan surface, it is necessary to heat it well. Before beginning to bake, the frying pan needs to be oiled.

Thin pancakes with a stuffing

It is required to you: - milk – 2 glasses; - wheat flour; - egg – 4 pieces; - salt – to taste; - butter – 2-3 tablespoons; - vanilla – to taste; - sugar – 2 tablespoons; - ingredients for a stuffing – at discretion. Separate the yolks from the whites. Pound yolks with a desi before formation of homogeneous viscous mass. That oil mixed up with yolks easier, it shouldn't be ice cream. Add sugar and vanilla. Mix mix. In the received weight slowly pour in warm milk a squirt. Add one glass of flour. In a separate bowl beat whites with addition of a pinch of salt. Shift protein whips in dough and well mix. Leave the turned-out dough to infuse for ten-fifteen minutes. After dough infuses, you can begin to bake pancakes. In such pancakes it is possible to wrap a various stuffing: meat, vegetables, fruit, ham, cottage cheese, grated cheese, chocolate. This dish perfectly will be suitable for a tea drinking or an afternoon snack.

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