How to make tomatoes salad

How to make tomatoes salad

Tomatoes salad is a tasty snack which is considered universal. Options of preparation of such salads exists much, everything depends on personal flavoring preferences. We will make two simple tomatoes salads.

Tomatoes and eggs salad

It will be required to us:

- 3 tomatoes;

- 3 eggs;

- a bunch is fresher than some parsley;

- 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

- 2 h spoon of sugar;

- 1 h table vinegar spoon;

- salt.

Wash out tomatoes, cut them with circles. Boil eggs hard-boiled, completely cool, clean, cut with circles, put together with tomatoes in a salad bowl. Salt, sauce.

Sauce is cooked simply: mix vegetable oil with sugar, vinegar. Add salt to sauce to taste.

Decorate a ready-to-serve salad from tomatoes and eggs with the crushed parsley.

Tomatoes and olives salad

It will be required to us:

- 5 tomatoes;

- 1 lemon;

- 100 g of olives without stones;

- bunch of green onions;

- parsley bunch;

- 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

- salt.

Wash out tomatoes, cut with segments, lay a hill in a salad bowl. Water tomatoes with juice from a half of a lemon, salt. Lay at the edges of olive. Crush green onions and parsley, strew with greens salad.

Fill in salad with vegetable oil, decorate with lemon circles. Light salad with tomatoes and olives is ready.

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