How to make useful smoothie with juice of beet and honey

How to make useful smoothie with juice of beet and honey

Smoothie – I am eager to satisfy the refreshing drink capable not only, but also hunger. The usefulness of this drink is proved long ago, and versions of recipes great variety. Smoothie on the basis of beet juice with addition of honey – a great option for useful food.

It is required to you

  • – kefir of low fat content (470 ml);
  • – juice from boiled or fresh beet (15 ml);
  • – vanilla to taste;
  • – almonds (10-13 pieces);
  • – white or buckwheat honey (25 ml);
  • – oat bran of any grinding (15 g).


1. Previously cool kefir, and then pour in a big pan or a mixer bowl. Further add honey. Dense honey can be dissolved on a water bath in advance.

2. Boil fresh beet and cool. To receive juice from beet, it is possible to use the juice extractor. If there is no juice extractor near at hand, then grate vegetable on a small grater and decant juice through a strainer with small openings. Mix kefir with honey and juice of beet.

3. It is better to examine bran carefully before adding to drink. The amount of bran depends on your flavoring preferences. Bran not only is a nourishing component in beverage composition, but also perfectly influences work of digestive tract.

4. Roast almonds in a dry frying pan before emergence of a pleasant odor. Crush nuts by means of the blender and add to the main mix from kefir, juice of beet, bran and honey. Shake up the mixer.

5. The last stage – vanilla addition. At will the recipe can be diversified with a cinnamon pinch, the crushed dried fruits. Ready smoothie is better to drink chilled, a flood in tall glass glasses. You store drink in the fridge no more day, and prepare before the use better at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team