How to make vanilla ice cream

How to make vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream – one of the most tasty and very pleasant delicacies during a hot time. On its preparation many forces won't leave, and the result will surely load you with good mood for all day.

It is required to you

  • - 250 ml of milk; - 250 ml of cream; - 4-6 vitelluses; - 80-90 g of sugar; - teaspoon of vanilla sugar or extract.


1. Pour milk in a small pan and bring it to the boil. Remove from fire and cool to room temperature. Add granulated sugar, vanilla sugar to yolks and well mix by means of the mixer, the submersible blender or a fork.

2. Add milk, pouring in a thin stream and stirring slowly continuously weight with a nimbus. Put dairy and egg mix on weak fire and heat, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon that mix slightly thickened. Cool ready cream, cool it a little and remove in the fridge.

3. Pour cream in a bowl and shake up before formation of soft crests. Add cream to the cooled cream and mix. Shift the turned-out mix in a container, cover with food wrap or a cover and remove in the freezer for 40-60 minutes.

4. Get the stiffened mix from the freezer and shake up ice cream submersible blender or the mixer. Before giving place ice cream for 20 minutes in the fridge. Spread out it on ice-cream bowls and strew with the tinned or fresh fruit, berries crushed by nuts, grated chocolate or the crumbed cookies.

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