How to make walnuts in caramel glaze

How to make walnuts in caramel glaze

Walnuts have the mass of useful properties. At the same time from nuts it is possible to make the most tasty delicacy in only several minutes. The recipe is rather simple and nuts perfectly look on a table as snack or a dessert.

It is required to you

  • – halves of walnuts (170 g);
  • – buckwheat honey (25 ml);
  • – chili pepper (1 g);
  • – soy-bean sauce (30 ml);
  • – nutmeg (1 g);
  • – sunflower oil (4 g).


1. At first prepare nuts. It is the most responsible stage of preparation. Lay out nuts on a plain surface, carefully touch and examine each half. Remove an excess peel and membranes.

2. Further it is necessary to prepare glaze for nuts. Take a deep bowl, add honey which previously it is necessary to warm a little to weak body. Pour in a soy-bean sauce, carefully mix by means of a nimbus. Put all spices in honey and soy mix and again mix.

3. Place walnuts in caramel and bring on a plate to the boil. Don't forget to mix nuts with sauce as the dish can burn periodically. In 3-5 minutes remove a dish from a ring and leave for some time.

4. Lay a baking tray a layer of a culinary foil. By means of a spoon lay out on a baking tray of a half of nuts at distance not less than 1 cm from each other. Put in the oven warmed up to 150-160 degrees and bake about 7 minutes.

5. Surely you look behind nuts for the purpose of avoidance of darkening. At the end of preparation open an oven, pull out a baking tray, leave for 20 minutes for cooling. After that remove each half from a foil and shift to a dish or in a dry container with lid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team