How to make warm eggplants Italian salad

How to make warm eggplants Italian salad

Italian cuisine is rich with various eggplants dishes. There are in it soups, pastes and pizzas with this tasty vegetable. Eggplants warm salads which various recipes Italians thought up great variety turn out bright and fragrant.

Warm vegetable salad with eggplants and goat cheese

You can serve such salad as light meal before a lunch, and as a main course for a supper. It will be required to you: - 1 large eggplant;

- 2 red paprikas; - 2 yellow paprikas;

- 1 large young squash; - 200 grams of goat cheese;

- handful of a leaf lettuce (romaine, endivy, spinach); - 250 ml of olive oil; - 100 ml of balsam vinegar; - 1 peeled garlic glove; - 3 branches of a fresh thyme; - 10 fresh leaves of a basil; - salt and fresh ground pepper.

Instead of one young squash you can take several squash zucchinis.

Warm an oven to 170 wasps. Cut off a fruit stem at paprika, cut fruits in half and remove seeds. Slice squash and eggplants at first 1 centimeter thick, and then cut each shaybochka in half. Shake up in light sauce 200 ml of olive oil, vinegar, the crushed garlic glove, leaflets from branches of a thyme and the cut basil leaves. Lay a form for roasting by a foil so that a part it hanged down on the parties. Lay out pepper a section down, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle olive oil and cover with a foil so that "seal" pepper. Bake vegetables within 20 minutes. Put ready pepper in a bowl and cover with food wrap. Set aside aside. Spread out slices of an eggplant and squash on the baking sheet which is previously oiled vegetable and bake vegetables within 5-7 minutes. Cut pepper strips and lower in marinade. Send hot eggplants and squash there. Leave for 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile cut goat cheese pieces and, having spread out on a baking sheet, put in a hot oven. Let's cheese of a sleg melt. Make salad, having added lettuce leaves and cheese to warm vegetables. Mix and give to a table.

You can add the small cherry tomatoes baked a baking plate by a grill to this salad.

Light warm vegetable salad with eggplants

You can make also absolutely simple eggplants salad with honey gas station. It is required to you: - 1 large eggplant; - 1 big red bulb; - 1 avocados; - dried peel of 1 lemon; - 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar; - 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard; - 1 tablespoon of liquid honey; - 1 tablespoon of the cut oregano leaves; - olive oil; - salt and fresh ground pepper; - parsley branches for ornament. Slice eggplants thick 1-1.5 centimeters wide, clean a bulb and cut on segments. Oil vegetables vegetable and prepare on a grill to light burn marks. Clean and slice avocado. In a separate bowl shake up wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey and about 100 ml of olive oil, season sauce with a sprinkling pepper and salt of a fine crushing. Mix warm vegetables, add some avocado and fill with sauce. Strew with lemon zest, decorate with parsley and give to a table.

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