How to make whipped cream for cake

How to make whipped cream for cake

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Cake - a holiday embodiment. Not important, what it will be a holiday: birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine's day or just joy of soul. Cake, undoubtedly, will bring a cheerful note in your event. And if, to crown it all, it is made by the hands, such note will begin to sound with double pleasure. Such house, warm, beautiful, prepared with love and... with gentle whipped cream.

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1. However not each hostess knows how to prepare an integral part of cake - whipped cream. The recipe of whipped cream is simple. Turn on the mixer at the lowest speed and begin to shake up the bought cream.

2. Gradually add icing sugar that it was evenly absorbed in cream, without flying up in air from spinning of the mixer. When all powder (or sugar) is poured out in weight, the speed of the mixer can be increased.

3. Continue to shake up cream at a high speed. The longer you devote to this process of time, the more magnificent, more gentle and easier the result will turn out.

4. Right at the end add vanilla. Cream can be mixed with fruit, berries, nuts or chocolate and to use as tasty ornament for cake. Enjoy your meal.

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