How to make whole-grain bread with a coco and banana?

How to make whole-grain bread with a coco and banana?

Very useful home-made bread with unique taste of banana and a coco. Surprise the relatives!

It is required to you

  • - 800 g of whole-wheat flour;
  • - 8 g of a yeast powder;
  • - 2 tablespoons of liquid honey;
  • - 1 banana;
  • - 1 egg;
  • - couple of pinches of salt;
  • - 400 ml of coconut milk;
  • - 200 g of coconut flakes.


1. Slightly warm up a glass of water and add honey and yeast there. Mix and set aside to the warm place without drafts that yeast ""zapuzyritsya"" (time will depend on quality and freshness of yeast).

2. At this time by means of the blender turn banana into puree. Break egg in separate capacity and slightly shake up a fork. Add egg and coconut milk to banana. Mix.

3. In other capacity we sift flour with couple of pinches of salt, we add to it coconut flakes.

4. We pour dry ingredients and yeast into the center of banana and coconut mix. Well we mix. We spread on the surface powdered with flour and we knead dough within 10-15 minutes. Then we cover it with a towel and we leave for an hour to approach.

5. We cover baking dishes parchment. We divide the suitable dough into 2 parts and we press down everyone in a form and we spread on parchment. Again we cover with towels and we leave to approach the second time that it increased twice.

6. We warm an oven to 200 degrees. We send preparations to the hot furnace and we bake within 30-35 minutes. A flush from above - sign of readiness. Further bread should be taken from a form and to cool on a lattice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team