How to make wine in house conditions

How to make wine in house conditions

Wine is pleasant drink which not only has excellent taste, but also is very useful to health. This drink can be made from several components which are among: apples, grapes and various berries.

It is required to you

  • - apples
  • - pears
  • - berries
  • - sugar


1. How to make wine from яблокИтак how to make apples wine? It is worth beginning preparation of wine with juicing. Remember that apples can't be washed. On their peel there is a huge amount of yeast, useful to a sbrazhivaniye. The dirty or damaged apples it is enough to wipe and remove the decayed surface. In order that wine didn't turn out bitter, it is necessary to remove a core from apples.

2. Apples are peeled — start their processing. If in the house there is a good juice extractor, then it is the best of all to use it. It as much as possible will purify juice from pulp. Instead of the juice extractor it is possible to use the powerful mechanical grater. The received product needs to be wrung out, and then to place in capacity with a wide throat for a period of 2-3 days. During this period apple puree is divided into juice and alburnum. Alburnum is formed over juice. It is dense therefore puree needs to be mixed within the first 2 days - 2-3 times. On third day alburnum leave alone, and upon termination of term remove by means of a colander. It is a high time to add sugar. The amount of the added sugar completely depends on that how strong wine you want to receive. If you want to receive fortified wine, then add 250 grams on 1 liter of wine sugar. Than the strong wine more sugar, subjects. Apples in itself sweet therefore the main thing not to go too far in amount of sugar.

3. Wine is ready to a sbrazhivaniye. Place juice in ware or capacity which can be sealed. In the course of fermentation, foam is formed therefore capacity has to be empty for 45%. At fermentation, gases are formed, for their exit in capacity it is necessary to make a small opening and to insert there a thin tubule. The external end of a tube should be released on 2-3 centimeters in glass with water. Place capacity in not cold place. Throughout the entire period of fermentation in a glass there are gases. As soon as gases disappeared - wine is ready. However you shouldn't open it at once. Let's it infuse. On average fermentation lasts from 1do 1,5 months. Than more endurance, that wine is more tasty. It is also possible to add juice from a rowan or pear to apples wine. It will give it tartness.

4. How to make wine from виноградаИтак, it is worth beginning preparation of wine with the most laborious work, to select good berries from dry. If you want to receive a rough wine, then grapes should be treaded out together with branches. However in this case there is a threat that wine will taste bitter. The torn-off berries need to be placed in big capacity. It is undesirable to store berries in such look throughout long time as process of fermentation can begin earlier. As soon as berries were sorted, start their processing. For this purpose it is necessary to use any tool which will be able to pound grapes. It is worth pounding grapes until cake doesn't remain at the bottom of capacity. The received grape juice needs to be wrung out.

5. Before pouring grape juice in capacity for fermentation, calculate the number of the place necessary for the formed skin. Add sugar. Pour juice in a container and carefully seal. An indispensable condition for wine fermentation is the special tubule for removal of gases about which it was told above. Capacity should be placed in the basement for fermentation which will continue for 2-3 months. To make sure that wine ferments, you watch gases, and bubbles in a glass. Occasionally water needs to be changed and washed a glass. After wine is ready, it should be poured in other container. It isn't necessary to hurry at plum as at the bottom of capacity there is always a deposit. Wine is ready-to-serve!

6. How to make wine of a slivsliv – berry universal, it perfectly is suitable for preparation of wine both white, and red – depending on a grade of the plum. It is impossible to call plum wine elite drink, but it tasty and enjoys deserved love. Taste of this drink, of course, specific, aroma original, to judges of grape wines with a rich bouquet it can and it won't be pleasant. But plum wine well approaches a set of dishes, ideally supplementing them and emphasizing taste.

7. Plums before preparation of wine, as well as apples, it is also best of all not to wash, and just slightly to wipe from dirt. When it is made, accurately separate them from stones and put in suitable ware, it has to be rather volume. Directly there is a masher, it is better wooden, crush berries, having turned them into homogeneous (uniform) weight. Add to the mashed plums water to proportions one to one. Then cover mix with a clean rag or a towel and at once remove to the warm place. You watch closely the turned-out raw materials: after a while on a surface of weight bubbles and foam will begin to appear. It means, fermentation began, that is all of you absolutely truly made. When process of fermentation becomes slightly less intensive, that is somewhere in a week, filter liquid through a gauze and pour in in advance prepared clean large bottle or a big can.

8. Further it is necessary to mix liquid with sugar, its quantity depends on what wine you plan to make. If dry or moist, there are 250 grams enough. If sweet or semisweet – not less than 350 grams are necessary. Stir granulated sugar before full dissolution and close to bank or a large bottle either a rubber glove, or a cover with holes through which there will be gases. Even better than everything to bring out of an opening in covers a tubule and to lower it in bank with water that bubbles left there. Slivovitsa will infuse about one and a half or two months, temperature in the house has to be room. Upon termination of process wine should be merged accurately in net capacity, having left the formed deposit at the bottom. Everything, plum wine is ready, it is possible to spill on bottles and to treat guests.

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