How to make yogurt without yogurt maker

How to make yogurt without yogurt maker

Yogurt – tasty and useful delicacy which is pleasant to both children, and adults. However the store products can not always please with quality and taste. The abundance of preservatives, sugar, thickeners, fragrances, dyes demonstrates not naturalness of purchased yogurts. Not to refuse favourite fermented milk product, it is worth mastering the simplest recipe for home-made yogurt without use of the yogurt maker.

It is required to you

  • - 1 l. the pasteurized or baked milk;
  • - 1-2 jars of a natural yoghourt (without additives) or pharmaceutical ferment;
  • - small metal pan;
  • - tablespoon.


1. To prepare a natural yoghourt independently, boil milk. It is the best of all to heat it already in that capacity in which you will ferment a product. It can be a metal small pan. Leave milk to cool down, at this time it is necessary to get a natural purchased yoghourt from the fridge or to part ferment according to the instruction.

2. Milk has to cool down up to 40 degrees, check temperature, having lowered a finger in liquid. Temperature has to be comfortable. Add to milk yogurt from jars – it is possible to take both one jar, and two, everything depends on flavoring preferences. Or ferment if you use it. Yogurt shouldn't be cold that milk didn't cool down stronger, than it is necessary.

3. Well mix milk, cover a pan with a cover and wrap up it a towel. For a yogurt zakvashivaniye without yogurt maker it is necessary to put capacity with a weight to the warm place. For example, near the battery. Or in the microwave, for this purpose just close a door – in limited space milk will cool down more slowly.

4. Sustain a product not less than 6-8 hours. It is possible to leave to be fermented yogurt since evening for the night that a tax for breakfast tasty and really useful delicacy.

5. After a zakvashivaniye mix yogurt. If all recommendations were observed, it will turn out dense and gentle.

6. It is possible to use the turned-out natural yoghourt for a repeated zakvashivaniye. For this purpose leave after preparation 150 g or bigger volume of a product in the fridge, having densely closed a cover. Ferment yogurt repeatedly, every time separating a certain share of prepared, 3-4 times are possible. Then it will be necessary to take new yogurt without additives from shop or ferment.

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