How to open wine without corkscrew

How to open wine without corkscrew

Though it is better to enjoy wine in a house or restaurant situation, cases of drinking of alcohol on city streets, in forests or parks, on coast of reservoirs are frequent. In such conditions to carry a corkscrew with itself it isn't always convenient, but the bottle of wine can be open also in other ways.


1. Carefully press a stopper a little finger inside. Sharp movements aren't necessary, it little by little will give in. But, if glass not really qualitative, pressure of air can beat out a bottle bottom.

2. Fill a plastic bottle with water and a zakuporta. Take plastic and glass bottles for necks, plastic turn a bottom up and quietly knock on a bottom of glass. When the stopper leaves to a half, take out it hands.

3. Instead of a plastic bottle it is possible to use the thick book. Then it have facing a bottle bottom (not back).

4. Take a bottle for a neck and send them the person from yourself and from other people up. Strongly slap the opened palm on a bottom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team