How to overcome thirst for sweet?"

How to overcome thirst for sweet?"

is not simple to remain harmonious to sweet teeth at all, desserts contain so many calories. First of all, it is necessary to understand the reason of thirst for sweet and to take necessary measures.

The first reason: deficiency of chrome

Chrome is necessary for an organism in order that glucose could get into cages. In case of its deficiency, bodies receive less nutrients. As a result, the organism demands bigger amount of glucose. Most of all glucose in sweets. From here and legs grow your desire "to have a snack" on sweets.

Exit: use the products rich with chrome: bread from coarse flour, fish, pearl barley, cabbage, tomatoes, beet, apples and cherry. If your organism receives in enough chrome, your dependence on sweet will significantly be reduced.

The second reason: intellectual loading is high

The brain weighs only 2% of body weight, but consumes 15-20% of energy which arrives with food. The main food of a brain is a glucose. If the brain lacks glucose, it begins to demand it from an organism. From here and the sudden draft to eat something sweet. With a new portion of glucose work of a brain is activated, concentration of attention increases, work is more effectively performed. Such behavior becomes a habit, and we begin to eat sweets, even when glucose in enough. As a result, we receive excess weight.

Exit: if at you there came the work involving all hands, take care of intake of glucose in an organism. For this purpose perfectly grain, bean, grain bread, potatoes will approach. Considering that on splitting of glucose in these products more time is required, than in desserts, it is necessary to use them often and gradually.

The third reason: bad mood and stress

If the person was upset or was nervous, in an organism the level of endorphins and serotonin falls. Sweet stimulates production of these substances and, therefore, improves mood. Having got used to improve thus health, it is possible to gather extra kilos imperceptibly.

Exit: there are other sources of joy. For example, during sport, "joy hormones" are produced too.

If you often are nervous, the thicket should use the products rich with magnesium. It restores an organism after a stress and stabilizes work of nervous system. The need for candies will disappear by itself.

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The fourth reason: abuse of desserts

It can seem paradoxical, but the thirst for sweet can be caused by its abuse. After a dessert in blood the glucose level increases. The pancreas produces insulin. Thus in bigger quantity, than it is necessary. Level of glucose reduces to zero. The organism experiences imaginary hunger and asks … sweet. The vicious circle turns out. The danger of this situation is not only in a weight surplus, but also in possible development of type 2 diabetes.

Exit: do not use some sweet within a week. At first it will seem to you heartrending experience, but later the organism adapts and will not demand so much sweet.

When you restore an organism, can over again start using desserts, the truth in moderate quantities and only after the main meal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team