How to part a fresh yeast

How to part a fresh yeast

At bread making, a fresh yeast helps to create ideal taste and the invoice if to part them in due form. This type of yeast provides the strongest fermentation.


1. The correct cultivation assumes use only of a fresh yeast for these purposes. The term of their storage - about 6 weeks, in that case if temperature doesn't rise higher than 10 degrees. At a fresh yeast color uniform, a cream shade, when pressing they crumble and break, but aren't smeared. Without air access yeast spoils very quickly therefore it is impossible to store them in sealed containers. Before use yeast well makes small, and then parts with warm water before receiving homogeneous mass. With water temperature it is necessary to be careful at cultivation, too high will cause death of yeast and they won't approach. Temperature shouldn't exceed 40 degrees.

2. The freshness of yeast can be estimated on some external signs. The smell has to be slightly кисловат, the taste is fresh and pleasant. If at taste there is a sharp sour smack, it means a stale product. The stale smell shows the begun rotting, the acetic smack - says about infection with acetic bacteria. Almost always at the stale yeast the external layer in several millimeters is much lighter, than an internal part, this evidence of its drying. But the white scurf on a surface can be caused also by a mold, what is much more dangerous, as its disputes get on all depth of a briquette. It is independently impossible to establish precisely the reason of a white scurf and therefore most often it is necessary to be ready that such yeast will worse approach. Defeat by a mold doesn't reduce the value of yeast.

3. It isn't necessary use yeast which is smeared when pressing by fingers as it speaks about serious pollution by various infections. Impurity of mold fungi do yeast soft and pliable too. A fresh yeast for preparation of a sponge dough stirs in liquid nutrient medium with addition of flour and other various additives, and leaves for 30-90 minutes for maturing. At this time yeast doesn't breed but only they leave a stage of anabiosis and becomes live. Then, when yeast cells will get used to the new environment, their fermentation begins. A key indicator of quality of yeast is their carrying power which to estimate without their activation very difficult.

4. Express quality check of both a fresh, and yeast powder happens as follows: the small piece is pounded in a tea cup and add warm water. Mix is left for 10-15 minutes. If during this time on yeast foam didn't appear, in bread baking they can't be used.

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