How to pickle a hare

How to pickle a hare

The quality of meat of a hare depends not only on a way of hunting, storage and transportation, but also on a preparation method. As much as possible to soften meat of a rabbit and to receive as a result a tasty dish, it should be pickled previously.

It is required to you

  • serum
    • kvass or kefir;
    • salt;
    • nutmeg;
    • carnation;
    • bay leaf;
    • parsley root;
    • onions;
    • carrots;
    • garlic;
    • grape vinegar;
    • dry red wine;
    • caraway seeds;
    • ground allspice;
    • lemon;


1. The easiest way of pickling of a young hare is to fill in it with serum, kvass, skim milk or kefir for twelve hours. Meat of an old animal is filled in with one of above-mentioned ingredients, but on couple of days. Put the pickled hare in the fridge, so it will become much softer.

2. On one and a half kilograms of a game you will need two liters of water which should be boiled on slow fire. Add two tablespoons of table salt, a half of pounded nutmeg, three butonchik of a dried carnation and several bay leaves. There send the crushed root of parsley and boil a couple of minutes. Add three bulbs cut by rings, three chopped carrots, five segments of garlic. Pour in a half of a glass grape or a table vinegar and warm up before boiling. Then slightly cool and fill in meat of a hare with a warm marinade. Cover ware and leave for five-seven hours. The hare is ready to preparation.

3. For the following method of preparation of a cold marinade you will need three liters of red dry wine which should be mixed and a half a glass of apple or grape cider vinegar. Add to wine solution two crushed carrots and bulbs, three segments of garlic and couple of laurel leaves and also on a half of a teaspoon of ground allspice and caraway seeds. Salt to taste and put marinade on fire, you boil until liquid doesn't boil down on one third of initial volume. Cool structure and fill in with it meat of a hare.

4. Squeeze out juice of a half of a large lemon in a glass and bring volume cold water to a half of a glass. In the enameled pan put a layer of the cut hare and salt, grated nutmeg and pepper, it is possible to add other spices to taste. Then put a layer of the onions cut by rings and water with a tablespoon of the divorced lemon juice. Put a layer of a hare again and continue to alternate layers until meat reaches a limit. Cover a pan and remove in the fridge for the night.

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