How to pickle gherkins?

How to pickle gherkins?

Gherkins are cucumbers of a special grade which differ in the small sizes. Grow up them especially for pickling or a pickles that in such look to use as snack or ingredient of various dishes.

Recipe of marinated gherkins

For preparation of such snack it is required to you:

- 30 gherkins; - 5 small umbrellas of fennel;

- 8 peas of allspice; - 2 cm of a root of horse-radish; - 2 garlic gloves; - 1 h salt spoon; - 1 h sugar spoon; - 1 tablespoon of vinegar of 9%.

For pickling, of course, it is the best of all to use the real gherkins, however behind their absence it is possible to use ordinary cucumbers no more than 5 cm long.

Fill in gherkins with cold water and leave for half an hour. Later the put time wash them and lay in in advance sterilized to bank, alternating to the allspice peeled with a horse-radish root, garlic gloves and umbrellas of fennel. Pour and to bank of abrupt boiled water, leave for 5 minutes, and then merge it in a pan and bring to the boil. Add to boiled water salt and sugar. In bank with cucumbers pour some vinegar, and then – the prepared brine. Twirl a metal cover and wrap up with warm fabric before full cooling. You store in the fridge or the basement.

Sharp marinated gherkins

Ingredients for preparation: - 1 kg of gherkins; - 2 heads of onions of the average size; - 2 pods of hot pepper; - 4 umbrellas of fennel; - 5 garlic gloves; - 100 ml of vinegar; - 1 liter of water; - 2 tablespoons of salt; - The 2nd tablespoon of sugar. Wash gherkins and put in clean banks, alternating to the peeled garlic gloves, onions and umbrellas of fennel. Bring water to the boil, add sugar, salt, vinegar and pods of hot pepper. Later a couple of minutes switch off fire and fill in cucumbers with the turned-out marinade, cover banks with metal covers and roll up.

Marinade shouldn't reach edge a golyshka approximately on 1 cm.

Gherkins in Hungarian

For pickling of gherkins it is required to you: - 1 kg of gherkins; - 5-10 garlic gloves; - 3 fresh bay leaves; - carrots of the small size; - on 5 peas black and allspice; - 1 liter of water; - 3 tablespoons of salt; - 5 tablespoons of sugar; - 200 ml of vinegar of 3%. Gherkins soak about half an hour in cold water and carefully wash. Peel carrots and cut circles 5 mm wide. Lay all spices and carrots on a bottom of clean cans, from above put gherkins, having densely stamped them. Bring water to the boil, add to it vinegar, sugar and salt, boil a couple of minutes. Fill in with the made marinade cucumbers, leave for 15 minutes and close a cover. Then properly wrap up and leave at the room temperature before cooling.

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