How to pickle hot pepper for the winter

How to pickle hot pepper for the winter

Marinated hot peppers - not only juicy snack, but also a fine garnish to many dishes. They are given together with fragrant rice to the Thai, Chinese, Mexican and other similar foods.

Basic rules of pickling of hot peppers

There are many various recipes of marinated hot peppers and though they differ in nuances, the principles of pickling remain invariable. The following products are obligatory: - salt; - vinegar;

- spice mixture from black and allspice, a carnation and cinnamon.

It is necessary to give preference of coarse, rock salt as pieces of chalk table salt often contains iodine, and it can decolour pepper. Fragrant vinegar – apple, wine, malt – isn't suitable for marinade if you want to store tinned pepper longer than several weeks. You will need more concentrated table vinegar. For firm peppers use a cold marinade, for soft – hot. Spices in marinade are put whole, ground can make it hazy. One more condition – for pickling should be chosen ware from not reagent materials – glasses, stainless steel, aluminum. An iron, brass and copper surface can react with vinegar, giving all a dish distinct unpleasant smack. Pickled peppers "ripen" from 2 to 4 weeks and are stored about one year, however in 3-4 months even strong peppers become softish.

From spicery for pickling of pepper also often use ginger, celery seeds, "umbrellas" of fennel, garlic segment.

Recipes for pickling of hot peppers

To pickle about 2 kilograms of different small hot peppers, it will be required to you: - 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar; - 3 dried bay leaves; - 2 tablespoons of seeds of a coriander; - 1 teaspoon of seeds of caraway seeds; - 3 branches of a fresh marjoram; - 4 garlic gloves; - 2 tablespoons of peppercorn; - 5-7 peas of allspice; - 2 tablespoons of sugar; - 2 tablespoons of salt; - 6 cups of a table vinegar; - 3 glasses of water.

That peppers didn't burst when pickling, pierce their thin, build a needle before preparation.

Prepared – washed up and dried – spread out pepper on the sterilized banks, leaving in them about a half of free space. In a big pan unite all other ingredients for marinade and bring to the boil. Pour hot on banks, leaving about 1 centimeter from above. Close the sterilized covers, cool and remove for 2-3 weeks in the fridge. Hot pepper can be pickled not only "solo", but also with other vegetables. Try to add, for example, to a pickles for the winter firm green tomatoes. Take it: - 2 cups of the green tomatoes cut by an average cube; - 3 peppers of Chile cut by rings; - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil; - 1 garlic glove; - 1 dried bay leaf; - ¼ teaspoons of a dried oregano; - ¼ teaspoons of a dried thyme; - ¼ teaspoons of a dried marjoram; - 3 tablespoons of sugar; - 3 tablespoons of salt; - 1 liter of water; - 500 ml of 5% of a table vinegar. Spread out vegetables on the sterilized banks. Boil marinade, having mixed vinegar, water, salt and sugar. Add the remained spices and vegetable oil to a warm marinade, mix and fill in tomatoes with pepper. Close covers, cool and remove for several weeks in the fridge. Then you store in a cold or cool spot.

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