How to pickle wings

How to pickle wings

The chicken wings baked in an oven, made on a grill or on a lattice, the real delicacy for fans to gnaw stones. Pickle wings in advance, on a picnic quickly spread out them on a lattice and put to be fried. While you get a shish kebab on skewers, wings will be already ready.

It is required to you

  • chicken wings;
    • onions;
    • lemon;
    • mayonnaise;
    • ketchup;
    • tomato paste;
    • soy-bean sauce;
    • honey;
    • hot pepper;


1. Prepare chicken wings for pickling. Wash up them cold water. Cut off the tips of wings. There is no meat, they quickly burn and can spoil appearance of a dish.

2. Examine chicken wings from all directions. On them there could be feathers. Pull out them that it wasn't necessary to pick out then pen-type tubules from the cooked food.

3. Make marinade on one of recipes. Try to pickle wings in advance that they had an opportunity to stay night in the fridge.

4. Onions marinade. Clean several bulbs from a peel. Cut onions thin rings. At once separate them and spread out on a bowl bottom. Salt to taste. Halve a lemon. Squeeze out juice from a lemon half directly on onions. Povoroshite onions a hand, slightly suppress that juice mixed up.

5. Honey and soy marinade. Warm a few honey in a bucket that it became absolutely liquid. Remove from fire and add a soy-bean sauce. Take ingredients for marinade approximately. If you love more with pleasure, add honey more. Scrape a pod of red hot pepper seeds. Crush pulp of pepper and stir it in marinade.

6. Marinade from ketchup with mayonnaise. Mix in a bowl identical amount of mayonnaise with ketchup. If desired add seasoning of khmeli suneli.

7. Marinade from tomato paste. Slightly dilute dense good tomato paste with water that it became smetanoobrazny consistence. Add salt and pepper to taste.

8. Put chicken wings in a dense plastic package. The package has to be good, and that wings can pierce it. Fill in marinade. Squeeze out excess air and tie a package in hard knot.

9. Place a package of wings in a wide bowl. Mix hands package contents, do it carefully that polyethylene didn't tear.

10. Put wings to be pickled to the cool place.

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