How to prepare a boiled frozen shrimps

How to prepare a boiled frozen shrimps

Shrimps became a popular product around the world long ago. Fast in preparation, tasty and useful, they are to excellent components not only first courses, but also light meals.

It is required to you

  • shrimps - 1 kg;
    • desi - 150 g;
    • lemon;
    • salt
    • fennel and spices to taste.


1. The frozen boiled shrimps don't demand long cooking as they are almost already ready-to-serve. All process of preparation comes down to their warming up up to the necessary temperature and to addition of spices.

2. Get the frozen shrimps from the freezer and wash out a baking plate a stream of cold water. It isn't necessary to defreeze them, it is rather simple to get rid of excess ice and possible dirt.

3. Heat a deep frying pan and kindle in it 150 g of a desi. After oil completely thaws, lay out the washed-out shrimps on a frying pan, salt and pepper to taste. Remember that this seafood very well incorporates salt. Therefore it should be added slightly more, than it is required for preparation of other dish, similar on volume.

4. Add a few seeds of fennel to a frying pan, well mix and cover. All this needs to be done on rather big fire.

5. After shrimps begin to boil, squeeze out on them juice of a half of a lemon, mix, switch off fire and cover. Leave them for 15-20 minutes in a frying pan that they well absorbed in themselves salt and spices Then the dish will turn out juicy and tasty. Each five minutes mix them.

6. After that lay out the prepared shrimps on a big flat dish. From above sprinkle them the remained lemon juice, decorate with lettuce leaves, branches of fennel and segments of a lemon.

7. If there is no time for preparation of a boiled frozen shrimps at all, there is faster way of finishing them until ready.

8. Wash out shrimps from ice, lay out in a soup plate, add salt, spices and seeds of fennel to taste. Then slightly sprinkle them lemon juice and put in the microwave oven for 5 minutes in the mode of average power. After this time the dish will be ready-to-serve.

9. Serve cold white wine or beer to shrimps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team