How to prepare a carcass of a squid

How to prepare a carcass of a squid

Seafood to still many hostesses seems something exotic. Meanwhile from some it is possible to prepare very tasty and original dish pretty fast. For example, carcass of a squid.

It is required to you

  • Carcass of a squid,
    • 1 bulb,
    • vegetable oil,
    • frying pan,
    • cutting board,


1. Defreeze a carcass. If it very rigid, it can be beaten off the ordinary wooden hammer for meat. Cut it lengthways. Take a transparent rigid plate and a beak. Clean tentacles from suckers. They are quite edible, but too rigid. Cut a carcass and tentacles rings. Chop onions. The bulb has to be the average size. It is possible to cut it both rings, and straws, depending on as far as you love fried onions.

2. Lay out ringlets of a squid in a frying pan and mix with onions. Cover a frying pan. Fry a squid of 10-12 minutes, periodically mixing. If you love very salty food, it is possible to add a little salt and to this dish. But usually it isn't required, salts in a squid enough. It is possible to add a little black pepper.

3. Lay out onions on a frying pan and roast it till golden color. Constantly mix onions that it didn't burn down. Mix onions and meat of a squid and fry some more minutes at an open cover.

4. The carcass of a squid can and be extinguished. Prepare a carcass just as for frying. Roast separately pieces of a squid and onions Mix ingredients in a frying pan, pour water there so that it covered contents, and you extinguish until ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team