How to prepare a cauliflower in an oven: tasty recipe

How to prepare a cauliflower in an oven: tasty recipe

Do you look for the tasty fast recipe? Don't you know that it to prepare for a change? Make a cauliflower in an oven. The dish will turn out not only useful, but also tasty.

It is required to you

  • - 1 kg of a cauliflower;
  • - 3 small crude potato tubers;
  • - 1 bulb;
  • - 3 garlic segments;
  • - 2 fresh tomatoes;
  • - 400 ml of tomato juice;
  • - 1 tsps of sugar;
  • - 50 g of oil of an olive (it is possible sunflower);
  • - 100 ml of water;
  • - salt and spices to taste (sweet paprika and a black sprinkling pepper will become fine addition to a cauliflower).


1. The cauliflower in an oven is prepared very simply. First of all wash out vegetable and sort on inflorescences. Grease a baking tray (it is necessary to take with small boards) with vegetable oil and spread out the prepared cabbage.

2. Wash up and peel potatoes, cut it the thinnest plates, distribute from above on a cauliflower.

3. Wash up tomatoes, cut out inedible parts, cut them either thin circles, or segments. Lay out tomatoes on a baking tray.

4. Save onions from a peel, cut it thin rings. Distribute on a baking sheet. Garlic can be cut thin plates or to pass through a press. Distribute the crushed product on other ingredients.

5. Now make filling. In a convenient bowl connect tomato juice, sugar, water, salt and favourite spices, carefully mix everything. Pour in ready mix in a baking tray, trying to fill in vegetables evenly.

6. Send a dish to be baked in previously warmed oven at a temperature of 180 °C at 50 minutes. The cauliflower in an oven turns out very juicy and tasty. It can be given to a table as an independent dish or as a garnish.

7. Some hostesses consider that potatoes – excess ingredient and without it the cauliflower in an oven turns out more gentle. It is a disputed issue. It is better to try to prepare a dish by two in different ways: with potatoes and without and to decide what option is pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team