How to prepare a gentle and soft liver

How to prepare a gentle and soft liver

Many don't love this the useful, sated with valuable minerals product only because can't correctly prepare it. Actually, to make it very simply, it is enough to follow several simple rules.

The first that needs to be made is carefully to wash out a liver and to skim with it. If this film is removed badly – drench a liver with boiled water.

That the liver didn't slip out hands, it isn't necessary to defreeze it completely, in a little frozen look this product is cut on equal pieces much easier.

The main secret – a liver shouldn't be fried long, there will be enough two-three minutes. You will longer fry – receive a rigid and dry liver. 

In order that the liver kept the tenderness, in the course of frying add slightly some milk, and extinguish so minutes five.

If you conceived to give a liver without a garnish as an independent dish, then before frying, put liver pieces in milk for 30 minutes – hour. 

It is necessary to salt a liver directly in the course of frying. It is possible to fry a liver in bread crumbs or in flour. 

After the liver is fried, disconnect a plate and splash 2-3 tablespoons of water, at once cover and leave to pine on a hot plate. So the liver completely will reach readiness and will become the most delicate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team