How to prepare a gilthead

How to prepare a gilthead

Gilthead - a delicious saltwater fish with very gentle meat who is actively used for frying and roasting. The neutral taste of moderately fatty fish is excellently combined with various additions: lemon, wine, tomatoes, spicy herbs.

Gilthead with leek

The gilthead, stewed with onions and wine, differs in a peculiar pungent flavor. The meal turns out low fat and quite is suitable for a light lunch or a dinner.

It is required to you:

- 1 kg of a gilthead; - 1 kg of leek; - 2 paprikas; - 1 bulb; - 0.5 glasses of dry white wine; - olive oil for frying;

- salt; - fresh ground black pepper. Crush onions and fry in a frying pan with the warmed olive oil. A gilthead carefully wash up, clean, choose bones. Lay out fish in a frying pan with onions and fry to a ruddy crust. Take out it from a frying pan and remove in heat.

Wash up pepper, remove partitions and seeds. Cut pepper with thin straws, lay out in a frying pan, fill in with white wine and, stirring slowly, you extinguish 10 minutes. Cut leek and too place in a frying pan. Fry everything together still a couple of minutes, and then add fish. Extinguish a dish of 5-7 minutes, shift it to a dish and give with boiled potatoes and a green salad.

Fried gilthead with spicy herbs

That the dish turned out less fat, prepare a gilthead without oil and season her with rosemary and garlic. Serve fish in the Mediterranean taste with a green salad or vegetables on a grill. It is required to you: - 2 giltheads of the average size (on 400-500 g everyone); - 4 garlic gloves; - fresh rosemary; - salt; - lemon. Wash out a gilthead, clean and draw. Don't flay - with her fish will turn out more juicy. Salt fish and leave for 7-10 minutes. Cut garlic with thin slices and place in each fish together with a rosemary branch. Add a little sea salt and lay fish on in advance warmed frying pan with non-stick coating. Fry a gilthead on both sides before formation of a uniform golden crust. Before giving sprinkle fish fresh lemon juice and decorate with a rosemary branch.

Gilthead in a foil

Quickly the foil will help to bake a gilthead. The fish prepared thus turns out very gentle and juicy. It is required to you: - 1 kg of a gilthead (2-3 big fishes); - 3 garlic gloves; - parsley bunch; - 2 tomatoes; - 1 bulb; - 1 lemon; - salt; - fresh ground black pepper; - olive oil. Fish clean, remove an entrails and fins, having left the head and a tail. Carefully wash out a carcass and dry it a paper towel. You istolkit garlic in a mortar, small cut parsley. Put greens and garlic in a bowl, pour in couple of tablespoons of olive oil and mix. Cut onions and tomatoes with rings. A gilthead salt inside and outside. Inside place mix from greens and garlic and also onions rings. On a piece of a foil put circles of tomatoes, salt and pepper them. Atop place fish and inwrap a foil in the form of a dense parcel. Lay out parcels on a baking tray and place in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps. Bake a gilthead of 20-25 minutes, and then develop a foil and let's fish be baked 10 more minutes before formation of a ruddy crust. Lay out fish with tomatoes on a dish and sprinkle lemon juice. Give immediately.

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