How to prepare a julep

How to prepare a julep

The julep is a cocktail which is traditionally cooked on the basis of a sweet sugar syrup. Initially this drink was a basis for the medicine added to syrup to soften its bitter taste. But someone quickly realized that such drink reminds alcoholic cocktail therefore in the 19th century the julep began to gain popularity already in a new form. But it is optional to cook this cocktail with addition of alcoholic drinks, it is possible to consider not less tasty nonalcoholic recipes of a julep.

Julep "Mint strawberry" Structure:

- 40 ml of strawberry juice; - 20 ml of lemon juice;

- 10 ml of vanilla syrup; - 10 ml of cream; - 2 h spoon of sugar; - 3 branches of mint, ice, strawberry. Knead in a glass mint with water and sugar, pull out mint leaves. Fill a glass on 4/5 with the crushed ice, pour strawberry juice, then - lemon, further pour in vanilla syrup. Decorate drink from above with whipped cream and the whole berries of strawberry.

Julep "Mint currant" Structure: - 40 ml of currant juice; - 20 ml of juice of a lemon; - 20 ml of mint syrup; - 10 ml of a sugar syrup; - 3 branches of mint; - currant, ice. Knead in a mint branch glass with water, pull out mint. Fill a glass with chipped ice, pour in juice and sweet syrups. Decorate a ready julep with currant berries. Julep "Mint apricot" Structure: - 50 ml of apricot juice; - 20 ml of mint syrup; - 20 ml of lemon juice; - 3 branches of mint; - fresh or tinned apricots; - ice. As well as in the previous recipes at first knead mint branches. Fill a glass with ice on 4/5 parts, pour apricot juice, pour in syrup, slightly mix, decorate a ready julep with halves an apricot, at once give on a table.

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