How to prepare a ladda from a pea meal

How to prepare a ladda from a pea meal

Laddu - the Indian sweet especially useful to women as the chemical composition has it positive impact on a hormonal background, improving a condition of skin, a hair and also mood and in the whole health. Consists to a ladd of only three essential ingredients, prepares simply and not so long.

It is required to you

  • - a pea meal - 7 tablespoons;
  • - a desi - 50 g;
  • - sugar - 5 - 7 tablespoons.


1. For preparation the ladd will need pea meal which can be bought in shop or to make independently of split peas, using the ordinary coffee grinder or a special mill. Measure semstolovy spoons of a pea meal, gathering it with the small hill.

2. In a dry frying pan, on strong fire and at constant stirring roast a pea meal before light darkening and emergence of nut aroma.

3. Lower fire to an average and add sugar to a frying pan. Also at will it is possible to add a saffron or ground cardamom as fragrances. Constantly stirring slowly with mix prepare before dissolution of granulated sugar.

4. Now it is possible to put the desi cut in cubes. Then lower fire to minimum and, constantly mixing weight, wait until oil thaws and will mix up with other components, having formed temsamy a uniform dense mix.

5. Remove a frying pan from fire and at once shift weight in the form which is in advance oiled vegetable. It can be the small size a plastic container with low boards or several figured forms for candies, ice or chocolate.

6. Cool mix at the room temperature, then cool in the fridge. Ready to a ladd rather dense, easily maintain room temperature, however it is recommended to store them nevertheless in the fridge.

7. Take out sweet from a form and cut squares or rhombuses. Give a ladda with unsweetened tea or coffee.

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