How to prepare a magnificent cheese-and-curd cake

How to prepare a magnificent cheese-and-curd cake

The cheese-and-curd cake is very tasty and magnificent pie which in the people still is called – a posypushka. It began to be called so because dough from which it is cooked is dough in the form of a crumb, in a different way it is called sand.

The cheese-and-curd cake is a very simple dish in preparation. There is no complexity that very quickly to prepare it. The dish incorporates a large amount of very useful substances necessary for human health – proteins, vitamins and minerals, minerals.

Ingredients for doughing:

  • desi – 1 glass;
  • top-grade flour – 750 гр.;
  • sugar — 200 гр.;
  • soda — 1 tsp.

Ingredients for preparation of a stuffing:

  • cottage cheese — 500 гр.;
  • egg — 3 pieces;
  • sugar – 250 гр.;
  • vanillin;
  • raisin — 200 гр.

For half an hour before preparation of pie, put a desi in the freezer.

For a start we will prepare a stuffing:

Preparation of the cottage cheese will be the first step. Lay out cottage cheese in a bowl, add to it 3 eggs and granulated sugar and also vanillin to taste. Soak raisin in warm water within 15 minutes, покаон didn't bulk up. Mix ingredients, very carefully, add raisin.

Now we will start preparation of the test:

  • Get a desi from the freezer. Then a board sprinkle with flour, you vyklozht on it a piece of this oil and crumble a knife in flour on small particles. Well mix everything.
  • Mix flour with oil, then add sugar, soda, extinguished vinegar and everything carefully mix to a friable crumb.
  • Oil a bottom and walls of a brazier well or put parchment paper on a brazier bottom.
  • Put to warm an oven to 180 degrees.
  • Lay out a half of the test for a brazier.
  • Then carefully pour out our cottage cheese and raisin stuffing on flour. And from above strew with an even layer the remained flour.
  • Bake pie within one hour.

Council: Put an oven on small fire in order that a cheese-and-curd cake well пропекся, especially its lower part.

After the cheese-and-curd cake is ready, it needs to be pulled out accurately from a form, but not to overturn and to lay out on a dish.

On a dish under pie put a napkin that the cheese-and-curd cake didn't dampen.

For a cheese-and-curd cake it is possible to use different creams and stuffings. It with any stuffing will be very tasty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team