How to prepare a mash

How to prepare a mash

Any recipe of beer doesn't do without existence of a mash in it. The more the mash share, the nasyshchenny will be beer. Receive this important component by use of special technology which cornerstone the processing of malt is.

It is required to you

  • 1 kilogram of malt;
    • water;


1. To receive the mash necessary for preparation of 5 liters of beer, take 1 kilogram of malt. Wash out it, sift and remove all impurity. Shift a cleaned malt in a pan and soak in cold water for 12 hours. During this time grains will become soft that will allow to use more effectively their core at grind. One more positive side of soaking is giving of elasticity to a peel.

2. Shatter malt by means of a quern or the meat grinder, but don't turn it into flour. It can lead to balling and difficulties in the course of filtration as water will get hardly into a pellet.

3. Prepare a jam. For this purpose take a big pan and mix the received pellet with water in equal proportions. Mix ingredients before receiving homogeneous mass, put a pan on a plate and heat to 55 degrees Celsius.

4. Maintain such temperature on an extent of 20 minutes. Then increase it to 65 degrees Celsius and maintain a jam at such temperature condition within 35 minutes. Then begin to mix actively raw materials, gradually heating it to 75 degrees Celsius. About completion of process it is necessary to judge by results of an iodine test.

5. Pour a small amount of a jam in a saucer and add to it one drop of iodine. If color of iodine remains the same – remove a pan from fire. And if changes, so in a jam still there was a starch, and the osakharivaniye needs to be continued.

6. Filter the prepared solution through a sieve. Primary wort will be very turbid, and it needs to be poured in a jam again. Continue to filter until the wort doesn't become clear. Put the pellet which settled on a sieve lattice in a pan with water and heat to 75 degrees. Then filter several times and add to other mash.

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