How to prepare a piglet

How to prepare a piglet

If there is a wish to surprise friends with the culinary skill, prepare a piglet roast. This festive dish by right is considered decoration of any table. Juicy meat with a crisp and a delightful delicate flavor won't leave indifferent anybody.


1. Upon purchase not of a viscerated carcass many face a problem how to cut a piglet. There is nothing difficult in this process. It is necessary to take a bonnive in cold water several seconds then to scald boiled water and to scratch out a bristle. Then to rub a carcass with flour and to scorch. Too to singe hooves on fire and to pull off. Clean auricles from hair. Cut along a peritoneum and remove an entrails.

2. To carefully wash up a carcass, without forgetting area of a mouth, nostril and ears. Rub a piglet outside and from within with mix of salt, a black pepper, fill with segments of garlic and put to infuse several hours.

3. Prepare a stuffing. For this purpose to boil a liver of this piglet or calf's liver. Then small to crush and mix with vitelluses, the cut bulb, sour cream and the bun soaked in milk. For taste to add a carnation and ground black pepper. Salt. Forcemeat shouldn't be dry, otherwise soften it with cream.

4. Stuff and sew up the kept waiting piglet. It is possible to fasten an opening in a paunch with skewers and to pull together with threads in the form of the eight. On a back and sides to make cuts a fir-tree for running off of the juice which is emitted when frying. For this purpose 1-2 cm there are enough. Lay the prepared carcass on a baking tray, having extended legs forward. To wind ears with a tail with a foil that they didn't burn.

5. Fry a piglet in an oven with a temperature of 180 degrees, periodically watering a carcass with the melted fat. The ready piglet looks ruddy and at a puncture the skewer doesn't emit bloody liquid. Remove a foil from ears and a tail, to pull out skewers and threads. The stuffed piglet keeps within on a dish and is decorated with vegetables and fruit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team