How to prepare a shish kebab on a brazier

How to prepare a shish kebab on a brazier

Preparation of a shish kebab on a brazier – one of the most favourite options of country rest of our compatriots. No matter, it is about giving, a day trip to the lake or just small sortie to the semi-abandoned park which is near the house. A brazier and skewers – frequent attributes and longer trips on recreation facilities or campaigns with tents.

Braziers for a shish kebab

If it is about country option – probably, it is better to get a solid and heavy brazier. As a rule, its weight directly depends on material of which it is made: the heavier – the design longer operation term is stronger. Perhaps, for giving it is worth buying a cast brazier from cast iron.

The small braziers executed in the form of a collapsible design are suitable for a short country trip more. Unfortunately, almost always they are for owners "disposable" because it is extremely difficult to take away them with itself because of very high temperature which is kept for a long time by walls of braziers.

It is simple to collect a brazier. It is enough to enter pins into the puzzles located on sidewalls of a design and to fix them by fingers or by means of flat-nose pliers. Assemblage takes no more than several minutes and can be made directly on the place.

How to pickle a shish kebab

That the shish kebab prepared on a brazier turned out tasty, it is important not correct to pick up meat, but also not to be mistaken with marinade. There is a golden rule: for a shish kebab it is better to put slightly less salt and spicery in marinade, than to go too far in them. To a shish kebab the maintenance in the form of hot sauces and salads is supposed, and therefore its light presnost the majority will remain unnoticed.

Pickle a shish kebab not somehow to deck its taste. Or rather, and for this purpose too. But the main function of marinade is to soften meat fibers and to make a ready shish kebab softer.

It is better to pickle meat in mix of a soy-bean sauce and lemon juice. If you do a shish kebab on a brazier of fast beef, veal, goat's meat – it is necessary to add any to marinade vegetable oils. For a shish kebab from fat pork oil shouldn't be added.

It is the best of all to pickle fish (especially families of salmon) in lemon juice with addition of pryanovkusovy herbs – a thyme, rosemary, a basil. Preference to fresh herbs, but if they are absent, dried up too will approach.

For a chicken shish kebab it is possible to make marinade from mix of vegetable oil, lemon juice and juice of garlic which gives to the bird prepared on a brazier, very interesting pungent flavor.

It is worth pickling a shish kebab no more than 2-3 hours. Otherwise the physical law of a reverse osmosis works, and liquid from meat, birds or fishes comes out back in marinade.

How to prepare a shish kebab

It is extremely important to allow brazier coals to burn through well. Only after that it is possible to string the meat made for a shish kebab on skewers. You shouldn't leave distance between pieces – they will roast away. But try not to allow contact of a shish kebab with brazier walls. First, pieces will surely burn and will exhale not a really pleasant odor. Secondly, then it is necessary to clean a brazier any abrasive material that will inevitably lead to damage of a covering of walls.  

It is simple to prepare a shish kebab on a brazier if to meet two indispensable conditions: try to place skewers after fire fades, and to provide blowing. It is good to do a shish kebab in windy weather. But if nice day and winds aren't present – it is necessary to build "fan" from branches and to brush away coals with the shish kebabs placed over them for additional generation of smoke.

It is important to watch uniformity of preparation of a shish kebab. For this purpose skewers should be interchanged the position and turned periodically round its pivot-center. In well prepared shish kebab the thin fried crust adjoins to juicy pulp that can be reached, only if to follow this rule and all the time to watch a brazier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team