How to prepare a soy-bean sauce: recipe

How to prepare a soy-bean sauce: recipe

The soy-bean sauce not only is widely used by residents of the Asian countries, but for a long time began to be used for preparation of the European dishes. It perfectly supplements meat, fish, pasta, rice and also various salads. Therefore hostesses often have a question whether it is possible to prepare a tasty soy-bean sauce in house conditions.

The soy-bean sauce represents a product of fermentation of soybeans under the influence of a special fungus of Kodzi from a sort аспергилл. It represents liquid of dark color with a sharp specific aroma which perfectly replaces salt, harmful to an organism. There are 2 technologies of preparation of the real soy-bean sauce: by method of natural fermentation and acid hydrolysis.

Features of preparation of a soy-bean sauce in different ways

The method of natural fermentation is used by the people of Asia several millennia, and it reached almost invariable our days. To prepare a soy-bean sauce, beans were evaporated, then they mixed up with the fried thoroughly wheat seeds, were filled in with water and a little added some salt.

The weight received thus was filled up in special bags and hung out in the sun. The fungus of Kodzi which got to mix from air initiated the fermentation process lasting from 40 days to 2 years. The liquid flowing as a result of it collected, filtered and spilled in capacity. To accelerate process, today the fungus of Kodzi is added to dry soy and wheat mix at once. It allows to reduce the fermentation period to 1 month.

To accelerate and simplify process of preparation of a soy-bean sauce commercially, some producers use a method of acid hydrolysis. In this case, soybeans cook with hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, then surplus of acid is neutralized by alkali. As a result of such chemical reaction, noxious to health carcinogen chlorpropyl alcohol which to emit is formed and it is almost impossible to remove from a ready-made product. The taste and color of a ready-made product are formed at the expense of corn syrup, dyes, salt and fragrances. It is clear, that the usefulness of the product prepared in such a way is doubtful. For this reason many hostesses seek to make a soy-bean sauce independently. It is difficult to make the real sauce as – to get the main its Kodzi making a fungus not easy. However there are several recipes, following which, it is possible to make home-made sauce with the fallen in love taste.

Recipe of a soy-bean sauce

The following ingredients will be necessary for preparation of tasty sauce: - soybeans – 120 g; - a desi – the 2nd tablespoon; - vegetable broth – 50 ml; - wheat flour – 1 tablespoon; - sea salt – to taste. Soybeans need to be boiled until ready and to crush in homogeneous mass. Then to add to it broth, oil, flour and salt. To mix everything to uniform consistence. Put almost ready sauce on fire and bring to the boil. As soon as it begins to boil, to remove from fire and to cool. Your tasty, and, the most important, a useful soy-bean sauce it is already ready!

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