How to prepare a wafer rolls

How to prepare a wafer rolls

As it is pleasant to gather with the family at one table, to discuss what disturbs, to tell the amusing stories which happened in a day. And if such "sit-round gathering" is followed also by the tasty dishes prepared with heat and love, pleasant feelings from a feast and communication double or treble. It is possible to carry a wafer rolls to some of such dishes. It isn't difficult to prepare them at all, only 15-20 minutes of your time will be required.

It is required to you

  • desi (150 g);
    • sugar (150 g);
    • eggs (4 pieces);
    • potato starch (50 g);
    • flour (150 g);
    • water or milk (1/2 glasses).


1. From Soviet period of a wafer are our favourite confectionery. And in some countries there are even so-called "wafer days". For example, in Switzerland such day is celebrated on March 25. These days in all shops sweet pastries is on sale, books and magazines with recipes of wafers are bought up, and the waffle iron becomes the most desired gift this day. Traditionally wafers have to be thin and crunchy therefore to recipes of their preparation, it is necessary to pay to the recipe of the test special attention more precisely.

2. Separate the whites from the yolks. Put the container with proteins in the fridge since the cooled whites are beaten better. Mix a sifted flour with starch. Shake up the softened desi with sugar. Then, continuing to shake up, add one vitelluses. Enter mix of flour and starch, water or milk into the received weight. Beat whites in strong foam and add to dough, accurately mixing. Dough has to turn out a little liquid. Bake a wafer rolls at once as made dough.

3. Before baking of wafers it is necessary to prepare the electrowaffle iron: to carefully clean both semi-forms and to include it for 10-15 minutes for warming up. Then it is necessary to oil semi-forms vegetable (for the first wafer) and to lay out dough on the lower semi-form of the waffle iron. Usually on one wafer two spoons of the test are required. After you laid out dough in the waffle iron, it needs to be closed densely. Wafers are concerned about 1-2 minutes and have to have light brown, golden coloring.

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