How to prepare an achma?

How to prepare an achma?

Once having tried an achma, you will come back to the recipe of this nourishing and incredibly tasty Georgian pie again and again. Prepare it as it is necessary, or choose simpler option from a thin lavash, anyway you will be satisfied.

Classical recipe of an achma


- 1 kg of flour; - 4 eggs;

- 200 ml of water; - 25 ml of vegetable oil; - 10 g of salt; For a stuffing: - 1.2 kg of a brine-ripened cheese, are better than some suluguni; - 300 g of quality butter of 82.5% of fat content; - 200 g of 20% sour cream; - salt; For sauce: - 3 eggs;

- 100 g of sour cream; - 1/3 tsps of salt. Make dough. Shake up eggs a nimbus or the mixer with a salt pinch. Without stopping beating, pour in cold water and vegetable oil a thin stream there. Sift flour and fill the hill on a table. Make in it fingers a deep pole and pour in egg mix. Knead a soft elastic dough, very carefully collecting flour and implicating it in liquid weight. Roll it in whom, cover with a fabric napkin or food wrap and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Grate suluguni, fill in with sour cream, carefully mix and slightly add some salt. Kindle a desi briquette in the microwave or on a water bath, add to a cheese paste and properly stir. Make uniform sauce of the specified quantity of products. Roll thick sausage from the test, cut it on 9 parts from which one is slightly more than others, it will be a pie basis. Thinly roll all pieces, giving them approximately rectangular shape. Boil water in a pan, put near a plate a basin with ice water and put a clean kitchen towel. Oil a heat resisting form and lay her big flat cake so that edges hanged down from ware sides outside a little. Distribute over it a part of a stuffing. Lower layer of the test for 15 seconds in the boiling water, pull out it by means of a wide scapula or a skimmer, shift in ice water, then – to a towel. Cover with it a stuffing and, properly, straighten. Repeat the described operation with 6 test sheets. Finish assemblage of pie dry with layer, inwrap top of edge of a bottom layer and record them. Water an achma with egg and sour cream sauce and bake 50-55 minutes at 180oC.

Fast achma from a lavash

Ingredients: - 3-4 leaves of the Armenian lavash; - 200 g of a hard cheese; - 2 eggs; - 500 ml of kefir; - 50 g of a desi; - 30 g of fennel; - salt. Cut some lavash flat cake on rectangles by the size of heat resisting ware. Mix a frothed eggs with kefir, chopped greens and add some salt. Dip layers in kefiric mix, then lay in a form, pouring them a grated cheese. Spread out from above desi pieces. Prepare an achma from the fast recipe of 20-25 minutes at 190oC.

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