How to prepare burned sugar

How to prepare burned sugar

Burned sugar which is also called caramel sugar or "zhzhenka" can be prepared in house conditions in various ways. Burned sugar is used for coloring and decoration of dishes and also giving of a sweet caramel taste to them. For a change they can replace habitual sugar. Besides, burned sugar is folk remedy of treatment of cough. And caramel lollipop can be made even for the child.


1. That sugar turned into caramel, it is enough to put a sugar spoon in a saucepan and to put it on fire. Sugar gradually thaws and gets denser. In the course of preparation scale of shades of color of burned sugar several times changes: in the beginning sugar gets a light amber shade, then golden, then brown. Respectively, to each of these stages there corresponds also harder and harder flavoring scale. The main thing, don't overdo sugar on fire, don't wait when it gains black color, otherwise you should start everything anew.

2. Evenly to distribute liquid sugar in a pan, turn during cooking a pan round its pivot-center. And to stop cooking, pour it in a cold pan, and put a pan with syrup in the capacity, big by the size, filled with cold water better. If you want to keep the received caramel liquid, after removal of a pan from fire add a desi and part caramel with liquid, for example, water or cream.

3. Burned sugar can be used for coloring of sauces, broth and various cakes. Pour 1 tablespoons of water on a frying pan and fill 4 tablespoons of small sugar there. Put this mix on fire and when sugar begins to thaw and change color, stir slowly it that color turned out more equal. As soon as sugar entirely is reddened till brown color, pour in it in 1 cup of hot water and let's prokipet. Then merge, cool and pour "zhzhenka" in a bottle. Also you store her Zakuporte in a cold spot for emergency.

4. For coloring by "zhzhenka" of creams, the test, fondant, stuffings for pies you can use other recipe. Put 4 tablespoons of sugar on a frying pan and pour in 1 tablespoon of water there. Constantly stir slowly sugar weight (on weak fire) with a wooden scapula before obtaining dark brown color. That this mix when heating didn't foam strongly, add to it no more than 1% of sugar mix of the kindled desi. Filter ready burned sugar through the gauze put in several layers and pour "zhzhenka" in glasswares.

5. Burned sugar also perfectly will be suitable for addition in a traditional black coffee instead of usual sugar. And here too there are "subtleties". Until the made coffee cooled down yet, it is possible to add the burned sugar prepared in the peculiar way to it. Put sugar in a teaspoon, water it with cognac, and then set fire. When the flame goes out, pour burned sugar from a spoon in coffee and carefully stir. For even more refined taste of coffee it is possible to add to it a little cinnamon to taste.

6. Finally the simplest recipe of burned sugar. Take 2 tea or tablespoons. In advance grease one of them with a desi from within there to pour caramel which you will make and put this spoon in a saucer with a small amount of cold water at the bottom. Then fill sugar in the second spoon, add 1-2 drops of water there and then you hold a spoon on weak fire.

7. When sugar melts and will gain saturated honey or amber color, pour it in the second spoon. Thanks to cold water it will quicker stiffen and will turn into lollipop. It is also possible to put in sugar weight a small wooden stick (for example, a toothpick), then at you lollipop will turn out. And to get the ready stiffened caramel, turn a spoon caramel down and slightly knock with her edge on a table. Thanks to the surface greased with a desi, sugar caramel will easily separate from a spoon. And you shouldn't spend a lot of time for washing of a spoon from burned sugar. This lollipop is also excellent dry cough medicine.

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