How to prepare candied fruits

How to prepare candied fruits

In France the candied fruits move as an obligatory dessert, since seventeenth century. Thanks to the French this delicacy which is used in souffle, jelly, cakes and as an independent dessert, is available to any gourmet today. And tasty it is possible to prepare candied fruits in house conditions.

What it candied fruits? These are the fresh berries or fruit, some types of vegetables and also a dried peel of a citrus welded in a sugar syrup, dried and glazed. All ingredients are soaked previously in water. It is necessary that fruit in the course of heat treatment didn't get out of an initial shape. Ready candied fruits are recommended to be stored in glass tanks, having densely corked.

As it is correct to prepare candied fruits

The recipe for candied fruits from an orange-peel attracts with simplicity of process and an unlimited period of storage of a ready dessert. Correctly to prepare candied fruits, the thick orange thin skin is necessary. The cleaned peel needs to be washed out, then accurately to cut on parts, equal by the size.

To neutralize bitter smack, slices of an orange thin skin are recommended to be boiled thoroughly in big water volume – about three minutes. After that to place the cooled-down components in the container with cold water and to leave for three-five days. It is obligatory to change water daily. Capacity needs to be placed in the cool room, otherwise its contents can become unsuitable to preparation. After the orange peel is taken from water, it needs to be weighed. It is necessary to prepare syrup in a strict proportion: on 1 kg of a crust 2 liters of water and 1.2 kg of sugar.

How to prepare syrup

Bring water to the boil, then add sugar, to mix carefully and again to bring to the boil. Then to place orange-peels in syrup and to cook until liquid doesn't become dense. The appearance of a dessert reminds jam. Ready candied fruits need to be cooled – it takes four-five hours, after that each crust to roll in in icing sugar and to lay out on a dessert dish. After candied fruits stiffen, they need to be put accurately in a glass jar. It is necessary to store a dessert in the fridge. The candied fruits prepared in such a way can be used for a stuffing of cakes, cakes, rolls, to add to ice cream or whipped cream, to eat as an independent dessert.

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