How to prepare canned fishes

How to prepare canned fishes

To indulge itself with appetizing canned fishes, there is at all no need to arrange shopping. To what to buy them ready when with a certain skill it is possible to prepare canned fishes and at himself in kitchen?

It is required to you

  • Small-sized fish
    • spices
    • vegetable oil or tomato paste
    • bay leaf
    • onion
    • glass jars with covers


1. For preparation canned foodof from fish of products you should stock up with fish (it is desirable not too large), onion, vegetable oil. Also salt, tomato paste, bay leaf will be necessary. Clean fish, exempt her from an entrails. Then fish it is necessary to salt and in such state to keep not less than a night.

2. Prepare the glass jars suitable by the size (will approach the capacity of half of liter). Cut rings onions. Place onions, bay leaf, tomato paste (about two spoons) in banks, As much fill in vegetable oil in case you decided to do canned food on oil, but not on paste.

3. Lay fish in banks as it is possible more densely. Then close them covers, but it isn't too dense then banks should be placed in an oven for sterilization. Instead of an oven it is possible to use the ordinary oven or a plate.

4. After such sterilization your canned food is almost ready. For more long-term storage roll up them as appropriate. However, the canned food from fish made thus can be used in food already right after production.

5. And here a way to make sprats in house conditions. Take a small-sized fish, wash out her. It isn't necessary to scale. You will need the enameled ware, for example, a pan in which it is necessary to lay out fish ranks. Cut ringlets a bulb and put it on a pan bottom.

6. It is necessary to salt separately each group of fish. Add pepper, bay leaf, other spices to taste. From above fill in one-two spoons of vegetable oil. Having filled with fish all pan, lay one more layer of onions over fish. It was necessary to pour in a half of a glass of vinegar in a pan. Water isn't required. Now it is necessary to weary our culinary masterpiece not less than three hours on slow fire.

7. Spread out the made canned food on in advance prepared banks then they should be cooled. Roll up banks there is no need, covers from polyethylene quite will approach. Enjoy your meal!

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