How to prepare chestnuts in an oven

How to prepare chestnuts in an oven

It is possible not only to roast chestnuts in a frying pan, but also to prepare in an oven. Eat ready fruits without any additives as light meal or use for preparation of creams, puree, various stuffings and the test for pastries.

Baked chestnuts

Before cooking dishes from chestnuts, they should be roasted or baked. Touch fruits, having rejected moldy or damaged. Sharp vegetable or stationery knife a shell cross-wise about the basis. If not to make it, fruits can blow up. Scatter chestnuts on a lattice and place in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps. Fry fruits about 15 minutes. Then slightly cool them and exempt from a peel. Hot chestnuts can be strewed with icing sugar, the simple and original dessert will turn out.

Chicken with chestnuts

Try to prepare a tasty dish which will effectively look on a holiday table. Instead of raisin for a stuffing it is possible to use prunes or fresh apples.

It is required to you: - 1 small young chicken; - 300 g of chestnuts; - a raisin handful without stones; - 2 tablespoons of brandy; - salt; - olive oil. Draw chicken, wash out, dry, rub with olive oil and salt. Bake chestnuts in an oven and clean them. Wet raisin in boiled water. Mix raisin and chestnuts, add some brandy. Stuff chicken with the turned-out mix, sew up a section or fasten with wooden toothpicks. Lay out a bird on the baking tray oiled, and place in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps. Bake chicken before formation of a ruddy crust. Check readiness, having pierced meat a fork. If the flowing juice is transparent, the bird is ready. Cut her on a part, having removed threads and toothpicks. Give hot, with fresh lettuce leaves.

Chestnut flat cake

This dish with a delicate sweetish flavor will be estimated by all fans of chestnuts. Flat cake can be eaten with cheese and wine and also to give to a fried bird and meat. To add to flat cake it is even more savor, it is possible to add small polished orange dried peel, almond liqueur or powder of cocoa to dough. It is required to you: - 400 g of the cleaned chestnuts; - 4 tablespoons of kernels of walnuts; - 5 tablespoons of pine nuts; - 2 tablespoons of raisin without stones; - 5 tablespoons of olive oil; - 300 ml of water; - salt; - 2 branches of fresh rosemary. Roast chestnuts, having scattered on a baking sheet. Shell them and crush fruits in a mortar or the blender. Weight has to remind flour or very small grain. Wet raisin in warm boiled water, roast walnuts and small chop. Mix chestnut flour with water, carefully pounding weight. Pour ground walnuts, 3 tablespoons of pine nuts, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, raisin. Add some salt to dough to taste. Oil round shape olive. Lay out in it dough, level a surface. Sprinkle flat cake oil, strew with the remained pine nuts and needles of rosemary. Put a form in the oven warmed up to 250 wasps. Bake flat cake to a golden crust, give warm.

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