How to prepare chicken stomachs

How to prepare chicken stomachs

Chicken stomachs are such food which many avoid since childhood. They say that they are not tasty and rigid. Actually, if it is correct to prepare chicken stomachs, fragrant, soft and extremely economic dish will turn out.


Clean stomachs, remove an internal film and lumps of fat outside. Wash their baking plate with cold flowing water.

Put stomachs in a colander, place it over a bowl and leave in the fridge for half an hour.

Get stomachs from the fridge and slightly dry on a paper towel. Mix with salt and pepper.

In a big deep frying pan heat olive oil. Put in it onions and garlic puree, fry within a minute. Add chicken stomachs to a frying pan and fry, continuously stirring slowly, minutes 10-15 until they change color from pink to brown.

Put tomato paste, tomato sauce and herbs. Dilute with water. Cook a dish on slow fire, under a cover, within 2-3 hours. If sauce turns out too dense, add a little water. Give with pasta, having decorated with fresh leaflets of a green basil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team